How is it you have power over all?

but a mere figment of reality

Controlling what we are worth overall

leaving those without you, without pity.

For you we freely dredge our lives away

For you we give up time to toil and sweat

Like wind you never seem to want to stay

but then, you help make sure our needs are met

Like caring mothers bringing out our best.

You help create a life worth living for

How much of you we get is but a test

and thus we can not help but wish for more.

We wish that you were easy to obtain,

but what would you be worth, less work and pain?

How To Direct Purchase/Buy Shares of General Electric Stock. (GE)

This information is relevant as of 10/28/2014


Scavenging for sources on “how to make money,” “how to invest,” “what stocks to buy,” etc… one will find link after link of great advice and suggestions.  However, I have not found a resource that tells you exactly how to do it, step by step for those that don’t even know how to get started.

**DISCLAIMER: I am not a certified financial adviser, nor am I license, and I can not be held accountable for any losses that may be accrued if stock is purchased.


This is not the who, what, where, when, and why you should buy GE or any stock for that matter.  It is simply the HOW.  For all that information, it’s best if you do your own research.  I am simply going to share how to only buy shares of GE stock.  AGAIN – I am not saying you SHOULD BUY GE, or that it is a GREAT stock.  ALSO, there are many other websites and ways to purchase shares of General Electric or other stocks for that matter.  I am merely showing one way.  So, to get straight to business, here we go.


STEP 1: Check your bank account – You should have at least 500$ on top of your minimum.  I am not responsible for overdraft fees.  You will probably not use all of it unless you want to.  But also remember there are fees included.

STEP 2: Visit

STEP 3: On the right hand side, click on “Buy Stock Direct.” Capture

STEP 4: In the box where it says “Company Name” please type “General Electric.” GE2


STEP 5:  On the next page that should look like this, please click: “Buy Now.”  Don’t worry you haven’t given any bank information yet, so they can’t charge you yet…  Also a DSPP is a “Direct Stock Purchase Plan.”  Simply Google it if you want to know what it means.  Also MAKE SURE YOU VIEW THE PLAN SUMMARY SO THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THE FEES. YES THERE ARE FEES ON TOP OF THE $250.00 MINIMUM.  Please check your bank account to see if you will have adequate funds.  Please do the math accordingly.GE3  GE10  Depending on how much GE stock is worth at the time you view this, your prices may go up or down according to the “sale fee per share.”  Again I am not going into the W’s of stock buying.


STEP 6:  If you are an Existing User you shouldn’t need this. We will assume you are a NEW USER, So please click “Buy Now” under New User. GE4

STEP 7: Registration Details:  PLEASE FILL OUT ALL NECESSARY INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE. GE5This is all very important.  I am not going to go over each line.

STEP 8: Purchase Options:  GE6If you are new to this, I suggest clicking the box that says One-time investment.  Since the minimum purchase amount is $250.00, you must put an amount >= 250.  Please read everything carefully.  Yes this will take money out of your bank account.  This is not pretend.  If you put anything under recurring investment, they will continue to take money from your bank account.


STEP 9: Bank Details: On this page you must enter all the relevant information to your bank.  Yes this is the account they will take money out of so please make sure you have sufficient funds.  GE7

STEP 10: Dividend Reinvestment Options.  Now the only thing I feel may need an explanation here is “Dividend,” so please go to and type in “what is a stock dividend.”  Basically click Full Dividend Reinvestment, if you want to use the dividends to “reinvest” and buy more stock without you having to do anything.  Or Partial, which means some of it is given back to you, and some is reinvested, or ALL dividends paid in cash which they basically put the dividends back in your pocket rather than the company.  Feel free to pick what you want.  I am not here to tell you what to do, only how you can do it.GE9  WARNING: THE NEXT PAGE WHEN YOU CLICK NEXT WILL BRING YOU TO THE CONFIRMATION SUBMIT LINK.  IT SIMPLY VERIFIES ALL THE INFORMATION YOU HAVE INCLUDED.  IF YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO MAKE THE PURCHASES FEEL FREE TO CONTINUE.  IF NOT, THEN THANK YOU FOR READING THIS BLOG.


STEP 11: WARNING*** DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU WANT TO PURCHASE SHARES OF THIS STOCK.  HOWEVER, if you do click submit, then you have just successfully purchased shares of General Electric stock.  Congratulations.





What is approximately 3.5 feet wide, 7 feet long, and can generate a great profit for restaurants?

A Sushi Bar.

I was inspired to blog about this after learning about a successful American chain in South Florida that has come to embrace this Japanese concept: Quarterdeck Restaurants.  Before we discuss them, let’s first take a look at some numbers.

One of the most common items sold at just about any sushi restaurant is the California Roll.  With all of its’ ingredients: seaweed, rice, rice vinegar, cucumber, avocado, imitation krab sticks, cream cheese, wasabi, ginger, soy sauce, and the sushi chef, this roll can be made for under $1.50.  Now let’s look at the average selling price: 5$.  Higher end restaurants can probably tack on an extra 2-5$ or more if they really wanted to.  That’s over 300% profit!  This is excluding sashimi and sushi a-la-carte items.  Also toss in the fact that the dishes are not made to be filling (compared to a burger and fries or other large entree) and the customer will probably end up ordering at least two.

Unfortunately, there is a problem of there being too many sushi restaurants in certain parts of the states.  In Florida there are often as many as 10 sushi restaurants within 5 miles of each other, and more locations than Burger King and McDonalds combined.  All this competition means all the restaurants must do something “different” to survive, and many are.  Many of them are a mix between Japanese Sushi and Thai, Chinese, or Korean food.  This is where Quarterdeck restaurants comes in.

Quarterdeck restaurants has done something very unique, fusing two very different cultures/cuisines and turned it into their own, unique dining experience.  You could say “ok that’s easy, just put sushi on my menu.”  No.  In fact, they are even doing sushi better than many other sushi restaurants.  After a small discussion with some of the chefs, and tasting their food, I found that they actually use higher quality products (fish, rice, wasabi, etc…) than many other sushi places.

Walking in to one of their locations, you will notice that the the menu items, employee dress code, and even the sushi bar all feel like they belong.  Everything blends together very nicely to create an atmosphere for people who live for the beach, the ocean, or yachting.  That is their company culture.  It seems they have even begun to expand the menu to add other typically Asian cuisines like Egg Rolls (with Lobster); using higher quality ingredients than those in traditional Chinese restaurants.  Reading the typically Asian dishes on the menu did not make me feel like I was ordering something foreign.  Instead it felt like I was ordering a unique dish that this restaurant came up with that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Some places may sell both Japanese food, and Chinese food separately, then call themselves fusion; Quarterdeck successfully came up with delicious dishes that blended both American and Asian cuisines, in an environment that is also very welcoming to the locals.

Compare this to another nearby restaurant with a similar theme that also tries implementing sushi, and we’ll just call them “qwerty.”  First, and foremost, qwerty doesn’t even have a sushi bar, they just sell raw seafood and sushi.  Qwerty has a guy in the back making sushi because it’s on the menu.  Perhaps this is all part of their strategy, but it shows qwerty probably doesn’t really care or know much about sushi.  Sushi chef’s are traditionally center stage, as the customers watch them slice their fish, decorate the plate with a fanned out cucumber or orange slice, and mold the rice into a perfect shape to rest the fish upon.  Regulars come to chat with these sushi chefs, and get to know them on a first name basis talking to them about anything from sports to family.  Even the less social sushi chefs still have something to offer to their audience.  If a qwerty knew this, they would not just have a guy making sushi in the back corner of the kitchen.

As restaurateurs, businessmen, and entrepreneurs, the group running Quarterdeck is setting a trend.  A trend that brings cultures together.  A trend of true fusion that sets them apart from other businesses.  What’s more is that they have done all this in a welcoming, neighborhood restaurant where families may feel comfortable enjoying something exotic.

PetCo, PetSmart, PetSuperMarket this ones for you guys!

What’s one thing that can cause even the toughest, hard hearted person to their knees?  It’s a puppy.  Now my original idea was to take the mobile restaurant fad and make it into a store.  In California, people have started selling clothing and flowers out of these mobile shops.  At my University, mobile fast food joints would always be stopped in front of popular bars and clubs in order to sell 8$ hot dogs to drunken students, and you thought NYC was expensive?

First, the issue is my state, in Florida you are not allowed to sell anything besides food out of a mobile vehicle, and selling puppies on a side road is not legal which is a good thing.  We don’t want puppies going home with people on impulse buys only to be sent to a shelter after a couple poops on the carpet.  So with that information, I haven’t looked much further into it, but for the big name pet stores, why not expand?
Why not get a mobile vehicle to park at a beach if you can?  Your audience would be every man woman and child who likes puppies at the beach.  The guy on his skates with his Golden Retriever is definitely going to stop by and see what’s going on if his pup stops him in his tracks to smell your delicious treats.  This of course is just an example, and I’m not even sure if any beaches would allow such a “store,” to be parked along the sidewalk of a busy beach.  That’s for someone else to look into.  Not only that but this is merely an ideal example of a location for the shop.  At a popular afternoon happy hour bar, people would bring their puppies all the time.  Why not set up shop and sell treats?  Instead of buying 1$ shots for themselves, they can buy their puppies 1$ treats.  While that is in Florida, I’m sure the loophole of “food” items could be used to be allowed to sell in front of the bar.  This doesn’t even have to be only for PetCo, PetSmart, and PetSupermarket, but for any entrepreneur out there.

What this would do?  Create JOBS.  That’s what the economy needs, is JOBS.  We would need engineers to design and maintain the trucks.  Drivers/salesmen, managers to make sure all the trucks are being maintained, and are coming back with the right stocks of items.  More analysts to see what people are buying.  Would the truck be profitable?  Possibly depending on the location.

So where do puppies come in?  First of all I would be against any sort of selling puppies simply due to the fact they would more often than not be impulse buys.  The puppies would be there as a giant advertisement.  If a family stops by your mobile pet store and see’s a puppy, you can tell them to stop by the store in a day or two to see if they have thought everything out and still be interested.  The guy walking down the sidewalk with his girlfriend?  Oh man, he just figured out what to get her for Christmas.  The puppies are to bring the customers.  Now is everyone going to buy something from your shop, vs just play with the puppies?  Probably not, but that goes for every store.  However, as a dog lover, if I’m walking down the street and take a minute to play with a bunch of baby animals, and I see a treat for a couple bucks, I’d probably end up getting one to take home to my pet.

Another idea for this project would be for the stores to work with local animal shelters to find homes for pets.  It would be philanthropic.  The goal would not be to sell the pets on the spot, but to have them there in the case that some family walks by and just connects at that very moment.  You would provide the address of your store or shelter and move on from there.  A dog needs an outing anyways, especially those being locked up in shelters.

Summary: We would need a truck that opens from the side with items hung along the walls and treats in breathable containers that allows the scents to disperse grabbing the attention of nearby dogs.  Then we would need puppies or shelter pets, not to sell (because that’s not exactly legal) but to use to grab peoples attentions.  Then you would need a small area for the dogs to just “hang out” and allow people to pet them.  However the risks involved with that are up to the companies discretion, obviously aggressive dogs would not be a good choice to use for “show.”  Finally keep some bowls with, and maybe even free kibble sample treats nearby for dogs who just happen to be passing.  If the dog likes it enough the owner will probably buy some after they get the puppy eyes.

Ever been called metal mouth? Invention time!

Without getting too in depth with the science of “muscle and skeleton anatomy/kinesiology” I came up with this idea as I was taking a comparative vertebrate anatomy class.  In summary, your jaw contains muscles, otherwise it would not be able to open and close.  I’ve noticed a huge trend of people who want to get fit, lose fat here and there, get more muscle, and look healthier which is great, especially with the high levels of obesity in America.  Not only that but scouring the internet I have read questions such as “how can I make my jaw look more masculine?”  We chew food and work out these jaw muscles everyday but I wonder…

Idea: What about an apparatus for exercising your jaw?

I thought this could be one of two possible types of mechanisms.  Either A) it would be some sort of hard rubbery material which you can “chew” which provides resistance, much like taffy or gum, or B) some sort of mouth piece that you can either attach weights to which either hang off the side or provide you with some sort of mechanism that can increase resistance.

A) If you were to go with A you could definitely work out just about every muscle in the jaw utilized in chewing, including the ones which cause your jaw to shift side to side.  However the potential issue with this is the potential choking hazard.  The solution for that would be attaching some sort of guard in the front that would be too large to go into your mouth.  Either way people put much worse things in their mouths, this just needs to have extra safety precautions.

B) Now this can take one of two forms.  Either it is a single mouth piece which can open as you twist a side knob providing resistance to your jaw muscles, or it could be a mouth piece that focuses only on closing your jaw where you can hang an object off the side.

Now since this probably SOUNDS like an item that won’t sell, let me explain.  Models, bodybuilders, random men who seek fitness would likely buy this if it was cheap.  It is just an extra tool they can use to perfect their physiques.  Secondly, I think of this item as a NOVEL tool, much like a shake-weight.  Most of my friends who bought the shake weight never actually bought it thinking it would turn them from a 300 pound person into Arnold Schwarzenegger.  They bought it because they thought it would be a very funny thing to have which they could watch women use for the laughs.

I feel this “apparatus” to improve the physique of your jaw could sell given the right marketing (people love to watch people look silly on tv) and advertisement.  Picture a woman on tv doing hilarious jaw clenching exercises to improve her facial aesthetics!  Since the apparatus probably would not require a tremendous amount of money per unit sold, I could definitely see a profit being made.  The actual designs are unlimited, however safety is one great concern of this, but I’m sure something could be implemented to make it safer than the average bench press or deadlift.

Who doesn’t want to have jaws of steel?

Why does Abercrombie & Fitch not carry leather bags for men?

I was an associate of the company for about three years through college.  Most people find the culture somewhat peculiar, and are even afraid of going into the store.  It is somewhat intimidating when there is a giant picture of a half naked person in the front, and when a beautiful young woman greets you with a “hey what’s going on!?”  Anyways I can talk about my experience with this company another time, however this post is to discuss one item I have never seen that I feel could make this company a decent amount of profit (especially with the general consumer they have).

Idea: A leather messenger bag for men!

At first one may think messenger bags are somewhat feminine but take a look at college campuses and even young adults, these bags are of great use, especially when everyone today has some sort of e-tablet.  I feel like the “A&F culture” definitely could sell these leather bags, and since they love to throw their logo on things, why not have a bag with just A&F on the front main flap, or Abercrombie & Fitch written across the shoulder strap?  The culture promotes a “rugged, athletic, yet mature/classy” young adult.  What’s more mature than having a bag that carries all of your most essential belongings with you?  Not only that but the bag could be rugged and very masculine.  After looking and examining their clothes for almost three years, you can see that there are plenty of jackets and brown leather belts that would work great with simply a nice dark brown leather or very dark blue (since A&F does not carry black) bag.