How is it you have power over all?

but a mere figment of reality

Controlling what we are worth overall

leaving those without you, without pity.

For you we freely dredge our lives away

For you we give up time to toil and sweat

Like wind you never seem to want to stay

but then, you help make sure our needs are met

Like caring mothers bringing out our best.

You help create a life worth living for

How much of you we get is but a test

and thus we can not help but wish for more.

We wish that you were easy to obtain,

but what would you be worth, less work and pain?

Writers Block Blues

In an apartment bare and white
I sat there wondering what to write.
I sat there staring at a table
wondering if I'd be able
wondering through the night.

I contemplated form
As I listened to the thunder
As the storm blew Arkansas asunder.
thinking about the storm
thinking about the thoughts that swarmed

The words had come to mind
Finally, I could find
Finally, I could share
Some words laid out in bare
Some words this poem defined.

What is “S” for? (Warning it has the S word)

S is for when you F up.

It’s also for when you want attention.

Use it to throw a fit.

Use it if you want to offend.

Substitute for nouns, or….

Get creative using it as an adjective

Say it a few times out loud

You’ll feel better

Be careful where you use it.

It should be a rare word..

When something goes really wrong.

Keep it in your vocab

But use it sparingly.

Should I just say it?

Might hurt someones feelings…

Shit. Oh well.

“Floral Waltz”

I gazed upon her shadow on the floor

and watched the dance from wall to door.

She moved at such a fluid pace…

My, the sun had given her such grace.

I couldn’t help but feel perplexed

The way she turned seemed so complex.

As her figure lingered at my door

I couldn’t help but wish for more.

My only hope was that I knew

At sunrise the waltz would start anew.

The sun had journeyed east to west,

her shadow finally came to rest.

“the best intentions”

topic taken from using a random number generator

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My life as fresh fruit.

Took a while to come up with a topic for this one, but I thought I’d take a different perspective/POV for this.  Not sure of the title, but I think “The Best Intentions” fits.  Wanted to write something serious and sad.


Dear Child I Didn't Deserve,

I hope you can forgive me,
for what I failed to do.
The time just wasn't right...
for me to care for you.
I had shattered hopes and dreams,
and I was far too broken then.

I hope you can forgive me,
through this letter that I send.
You were my greatest blessing,
you rid my room of shadows.
Oh how your little laughs,
helped me through internal battles.

I hope you can forgive me,
I hope you understand.
That what I did was difficult,
my life was poorly planned.
The day that I had left you,
was when my soul had died.

I hope you can forgive me.
Please know that I had tried.
I know that you are happy
you have things I could not give.
Your life is better now.
Don't ever think "what if?"

I hope you can forgive me
for what I was back then.
You deserved a better life,
you were my only friend.
I did not deserve to have you.
I gave you up with the best intentions.

Yours Truly,

- Parent That Could Not Be

“Sleep Paralysis.”

It’s one of those nights, when I lie awake

when things aren’t right

not again, give me a break.

Lying there paralyzed, stricken with fear

It was then that I realized,

That she wasn’t as near.

Often at bed-side, or hovering above me

But just not tonight

That wretched old banshee.

I can’t make a sound, my fingers don’t work

She creeps like a hound

I’m going berserk.

My body drips sweat, my eyes moving quick

Her eyes and mine met

I start feeling sick.

She starts to stroll near, I just want to shout

I kick into gear


It was only a dream.  Just go back to sleep.

Copyright 2015