10 things that can happen if you succeed

Here’s to the other side of things with reference to the 10 things that can happen if you fail.  There are a ton of things that can happen if you succeed, both good and bad.

1) People will buy you food and drinks.  Let’s say you make that game winning shot.  After you go to the celebration party, people will probably buy you drinks and whatever food you want.

2) Your confidence will increase.  Nothing can boost your confidence like the sweet taste of success.  Success in dating, professional, educational, and any other aspect of life.

3) You will make enemies.  Not everyone likes watching others succeed.  It’s natural, it’s human, don’t blame them.  Just do your best.  The ones who want to see you succeed are the ones who are going to increase your success anyways.

4) You will find more success.  Once one opportunity gets started, more will open.  You may change focus, start something new, get better, improve, and most likely be successful at something else down the road.

5) You may meet more successful people, boosting your own successful network.  What happens when sports teams play other teams?  They meet other successful players.  What happens at big networking events or industry conventions?  A bunch of people meet successful people in the same industry if they at least try.

6) You will try to find that success again.  Imagine being incredibly successful for a brief moment, or even mildly successful.  You’ll probably try to find that success again.  This could possibly lead to good things.  Or bad.

7) You’ll probably fail at a bunch of things after.  Chances are you’ll try more things to build upon your previous success.  Chances are not everything will work out as you planned.  That’s ok, because you’re used to that by now, and if you’re not you probably got lucky.

8) Maybe no one will even notice.  Maybe your high score on minesweeper will never be recognized by anyone.  Ever.  But at least you have the confidence that you are a master minesweeper.

9) Someone will want to make money off you.  This isn’t a bad thing.  Maybe someone wants to write a book about you, or make a statue out of you, or ask you for advice so they can make money.  Something you did was worth talking about and that can be valuable.

10) People will be happy for you.  As much as #3 might hurt, try to ignore it.  There will be many people who are happy for you and try to cheer you on along the way.

13 Reasons To Learn Another Language

From http://www.creativewritingprompts.com

1) You’ll seem more cultured when you meet a person who also speaks that language.

2) You may have an opportunity to connect better with just one more person in your life.

3) Why not?

4) Being multi-lingual is a highly valuable skill in many places.

5) It may help improve your memory.

6) Research has shown that different languages change your perspective on life.  I don’t have the research, and I never verified any of the research, but you SHOULD go Bing it and I’m sure something will pop up.  It makes sense though.

7) You feel you have extra free time.

8) You want to challenge yourself with something useful.

9) There’s a really attractive person you want to try and speak with.

10) You want to move to a foreign country one day that speaks the language you plan on learning.

11) You may feel more confident.

12) Someone might be impressed by your ability one day.

13) You can use your skills to improve Google translate tools.

10 Worst Things That Can Happen On The Way To Work

This prompt was from: http://creativewritingprompts.com/ since I couldn’t think of anything to write myself, so here’s a list of things I think are crappy things that can happen to you on the way to work.  Definitely not the most comprehensive list.

1) The radio says the world will end in one year.

2) Crapping your pants.

3) Forgetting to say bye to your family.

4) All of your investments fail.

5) You feel discontent.

6) Your S.O. just gave birth and you missed it.

7) You think of something useful but then you forget because you didn’t have a chance to write it down.

8) The world runs out of fresh water.

9) You’re leaving from your bosses house and won”t keep your mouth shut.

10) You forget something that you were supposed to do.

There Was A Crazy Woman

There was a single woman,
Who said she needed love.

There was a married woman,
Who said that she was bored.

There was an independent woman,
Who needed no one.

There was a beautiful woman,
Who noticed every flaw.

There was a perfect woman,
Who already had the perfect man.

Then there was a crazy woman,
Who only wanted juice.

10 reasons why people should stop calling Bill Gates greedy.

***NOTE This post was not endorsed by any organization or entity.  It is merely the authors thoughts.

Oftentimes when you see some sort of discussion about Bill Gates, some know it all tech person (or know nothing at all average person) will go off on a rant about how greedy he is and actually attempt to provide examples.  Terrible examples that try to equate concepts like competitiveness with the avarice.  Let’s stop that, and here’s 10 reasons why.

1) Successful people like Gates measure themselves on a whole new level.  While regular people measure themselves on staying out of debt, what kind of degree they have, or what kind of car they drive, Bill Gates is concerned with how to provide energy, resources, and valuable products to the world, in light of globally competitive economic forces.  Just let that sink in.

2) He’s solving problems like how to provide clean water to starving Africans.  He just funded a way for starving and poor African families to create drinkable water from poop.  He is able to accomplish these things through his philanthropies, and business acumen.  Really, I don’t see the greed here.

3) Other people at the top of their game don’t get called greedy.  We don’t call Tom Brady or Lebron James greedy.  We just call those who don’t like them “haters.”  Should Tom Brady and Lebron James just let the opposing teams win because people called them “overpowered?”  Let’s get real here.  They are competitive, successful, and highly talented people.  They aren’t the richest people because that isn’t what they are best at.  If they tried to compete with Bill Gates to be the richest person in the world, they probably wouldn’t succeed.  That’s just what Gates is good at.  While Brady and James are rich because of sports, Gates is rich from providing tons of beneficial products and services to millions of people

4) We don’t know what he’s thinking.  This argument could go both ways.  None of us can understand what he’s truly thinking.  Maybe deep down Gates truly is a greedy greedy guy, and my 10 reasons are all wrong.  Maybe he was at one time in his younger days, but most of these well thought out points, point to him just being an incredibly successful businessman.

5) It is better for one person (who knows what he’s doing) to have 1,000,000,000 dollars than 100,000 people with 10,000.  The guy knows what he’s doing.  He has proved it time and time again.  If Bill Gates has 1billion dollars, we can know that he will probably team up with other really rich philanthropic business people to solve the worlds problems.  If 100,000 people get $10k, we have no idea what they would do with it.

Don’t get me wrong, it would be great if everyone in the world could have 1billion dollars.  Although, economically, 1billion wouldn’t be worth 1billion dollars if everyone had it.

6) Preventing another massive enterprise from entering his market doesn’t really even matter to you.  On one hand, you could argue that another competitor could drive his prices down for the consumer, and thus actually benefit you.  Let’s be real here though, the same people calling Gates greedy aren’t even considering this factor.  They’re just calling him greedy because he’s rich and he stamps out competition that isn’t fit to survive in the first place.  He’s basically saving us from bad companies.

Realistically, the person sitting at home calling him greedy is thinking something along the lines of “Oh man, if Bill Gates wasn’t so greedy, I would be richer!”  Fact is, if he wasn’t successful with business, it probably wouldn’t be you nor I taking his place.

7) There are plenty competitors going up against Gates companies.  Arguments of him shutting down competition aren’t even really that valid.  He shuts down bad competition, or competitive products from companies that aren’t ready.  In fact, has plenty of competition in the market.  Every tech company out there, iOS, Linux, and Google to compete with Microsoft’s Bing just to name a few.  Should Microsoft stop being successful just so Linux can take a lead?  Come on now…

8) Competitors aren’t unsuccessful simply from one persons avarice.  If greed was the only factor in his success, competitors would have found a way to exploit it if they were that good.

9) We don’t really need more companies. Do you really want to have to choose between 50 different types of operating systems in this world?  It’s difficult enough to choose a computer sometimes.

10) It took more than just Gates himself to gain the title of richest man.  There were hundreds of thousands of employees, loyal fans, followers, and investors involved; along with ambition, drive, insight, and smart decisions. To just call the man greedy would be ignorant.

10 things that can happen if you fail

The main point of this post is to get rid of the fear of failure.  This isn’t to say that you should try to purposely fail.  It’s to get rid of the fear of trying.  To realize that nothing bad really happens from messing up.  There may be potential consequences to certain actions that you need to weigh, but generally, trying something and messing up doesn’t really sting that bad.  It’ll sting worse wondering what if.

1) You’ll learn from the experience.  If you’ve kept any sort of track of the process of the goal you were trying to accomplish that led you to failure, at the end of it, you will have come across something that you can learn from the experience.

2) You’ll live another day.  There are exceptions to this rule of course, like if you fail at skydiving.  For the most part, if you fail at playing an instrument, or fail at talking to that girl you like, the chances are you will be alive afterwards.

3) You will have a story to tell.  After you fail at something you’ll probably have a funny or sad story to tell.  If it’s funny people will laugh with you and think you’re hilarious, that’s always good.  If it’s a sad story, they may feel pity for you and help you out, some people like that; people who don’t like pity won’t tell the story though.  Or a third, people will gain some extra respect for you.

4) You will have tried.  This is important.  If this list was in a ranked order, this will probably be number 1.  Seriously, just try, it’s not that big of a deal.

5) You will be prepared to fail in the future.  This is relative to number 1.  Fail once, twice, three times, the next few times won’t sting so bad.  Chances are, that you’ll probably have some successes along the way as well.

6) You will have found other opportunities.  I could list a bunch of inventions that were made by accident like the sticky note, but I’m not going to.  Just look it up “inventions made on accident.”  Maybe your goal is to have a billion dollars.  If you really want to succeed at having a billion dollars, and go after it with all your effort, I’ll bet that you will find some opportunity along the way that is worthwhile.

7) You will guide your own life’s mission.  Perhaps at first you think you want to fight whalers for a living.  Upon failing at fighting off the whalers, you may discover that you don’t really care that much about just whalers, and what it really was is that you wanted to stand up against all animal cruelty.  Well hey, you just helped guide your own vision. Yes whaling is more specific, maybe they wanted broader focus?

8) You will lose some fears.  Not to say you will lose all of your fear.  You will gradually become numb to fear of certain situations though.  Maybe you won’t even lose the fear, but you’ll be able to at least overcome it.  In that case, is it still even there?  Is the butterflies in your stomach feeling really fear of something you can’t overcome?  Or are they just nerves.  Nerves that help you perform better?

9) Nothing.  Sometimes if you try something, and you mess up, or fail, literally nothing will happen to you.  You won’t learn anything, you won’t lose anything, you won’t gain anything.  Hopefully you get something good out of it, but really there’s a chance nothing at all happens.  No one notices, no one cares, you don’t even care and you’ll move on with your life.

10) Your peers, neighbors, and family will mock you endlessly causing you to lose everything you own, and any possibility of a successful future or even near-success while your parents disown you never to speak to you again causing you to not even be able to get a job as a janitor in a fast food restaurant owned by immigrants who don’t even care about your citizen ship, and despite being a citizen the government doesn’t even want to give you welfare or any possible opportunity to help you survive through your tough time.  Ok this last problem probably won’t happen.  Have a nice day.

An idea for a potentially beneficial research project.

Having lived in Florida my whole life, the concept of being stuck inside due to winter has never crossed my mind.  There are articles out there that mention winter depression because people don’t have the opportunity to go out and do things.  Or the suns rays.

It would be interesting to see research that’s done today with all the technology and connectivity we have.  The research usually suggest Vitamin D from the sun is the cause, or some other aspect of it’s rays.  That could probably be the control, but it’s interesting to think that technology has been taken granted by Floridians who never have to worry about being stuck inside, except for maybe during a hurricane for 1-2 days.  The thing about those is that right after the hurricane ends, and all the electricity goes out, communities end up becoming tighter because they actually gather together outside.