10 things that can happen if you succeed

Here’s to the other side of things with reference to the 10 things that can happen if you fail.  There are a ton of things that can happen if you succeed, both good and bad.

1) People will buy you food and drinks.  Let’s say you make that game winning shot.  After you go to the celebration party, people will probably buy you drinks and whatever food you want.

2) Your confidence will increase.  Nothing can boost your confidence like the sweet taste of success.  Success in dating, professional, educational, and any other aspect of life.

3) You will make enemies.  Not everyone likes watching others succeed.  It’s natural, it’s human, don’t blame them.  Just do your best.  The ones who want to see you succeed are the ones who are going to increase your success anyways.

4) You will find more success.  Once one opportunity gets started, more will open.  You may change focus, start something new, get better, improve, and most likely be successful at something else down the road.

5) You may meet more successful people, boosting your own successful network.  What happens when sports teams play other teams?  They meet other successful players.  What happens at big networking events or industry conventions?  A bunch of people meet successful people in the same industry if they at least try.

6) You will try to find that success again.  Imagine being incredibly successful for a brief moment, or even mildly successful.  You’ll probably try to find that success again.  This could possibly lead to good things.  Or bad.

7) You’ll probably fail at a bunch of things after.  Chances are you’ll try more things to build upon your previous success.  Chances are not everything will work out as you planned.  That’s ok, because you’re used to that by now, and if you’re not you probably got lucky.

8) Maybe no one will even notice.  Maybe your high score on minesweeper will never be recognized by anyone.  Ever.  But at least you have the confidence that you are a master minesweeper.

9) Someone will want to make money off you.  This isn’t a bad thing.  Maybe someone wants to write a book about you, or make a statue out of you, or ask you for advice so they can make money.  Something you did was worth talking about and that can be valuable.

10) People will be happy for you.  As much as #3 might hurt, try to ignore it.  There will be many people who are happy for you and try to cheer you on along the way.

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