My Green-Eyed Lady.

Green-Eyed Lady

First of all, I’ve never heard “green eyed lady” as a term used to symbolize jealousy before.  With that said, I’ll accept that it is, and will share what makes me jealous.

Jealousy is not a fun emotion to experience, and can be very negative if left unchecked and if its irrational, but… people don’t always think rationally nor know how to perfectly keep their thoughts in check.

With that said, one thing that really makes me jealous is people who write really articles or share stories that suck, but the stories go viral.  Of course this is my own opinion of what stories suck, but we all know those posts on our Facebook feeds that millions of people click on, bringing revenue to the webpage, all because they used some really cheap stupid tactic phrase like “this person was doing something and then what happened next you’ll never guess unless you click to view this crappy article.”

I never click those, and it makes me jealous because they’re getting millions of views off peoples ignorance.

I’m jealous because I would like all those clicks, but I’m not willing to go the cheap route.  I’m not willing to accept that the only way to get lots of viewers is by having a cheap click bait title, or by throwing out an article that is just really controversial but made up or fake, but still gets tons of people discussing it because they don’t realize that they’re just falling into a trap.

As a person who appreciates creativity, none of those people came up with anything unique (except maybe the VERY FIRST person who did it and realized it raised lots of viewers), or even attempted to create something meaningful.  They just threw shit in the air and convinced lots of people look at it.

I also don’t like to tell all those people they’re falling into a trap because that means I have to view the page, and click the link, or comment on the post, which ultimately feeds the poster because it looks like they’re stirring up controversy.  Better to just unfollow the page and let others either learn from experience or be sheep.

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