10 Worst Things That Can Happen On The Way To Work

This prompt was from: http://creativewritingprompts.com/ since I couldn’t think of anything to write myself, so here’s a list of things I think are crappy things that can happen to you on the way to work.  Definitely not the most comprehensive list.

1) The radio says the world will end in one year.

2) Crapping your pants.

3) Forgetting to say bye to your family.

4) All of your investments fail.

5) You feel discontent.

6) Your S.O. just gave birth and you missed it.

7) You think of something useful but then you forget because you didn’t have a chance to write it down.

8) The world runs out of fresh water.

9) You’re leaving from your bosses house and won”t keep your mouth shut.

10) You forget something that you were supposed to do.

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