When you think something is dumb, but it’s really just that you’re dumb.

This is just a story about how I thought something was really dumb, but eventually came to realize it’s not so dumb after all.  Let’s get straight to the story.

The other day I downloaded a program to use my fingerprint to sign into my laptop.  After I got everything set up, it still gave me the option to enter my password.

I began thinking to myself “This is stupid, if I can just use my fingerprint, why would I ever want to be able to enter a password?  Those developers have no common sense!  If someone steals my password they can still access, the fingerprint really means nothing!”

Then, as I was eating potato chips with my fingerprint hand, as I tried logging onto my laptop, it hit me.  I was the one who should have thought things out more.  Or at least I was just overly critical for no reason.  Moral of the story, appreciate your fingers.

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