10 choices for this blog

This blog is far from highly successful, heck it’s far from even being a minor success.  Let’s say one day it does become successful, perhaps it would be a good idea to keep track of reasoning for certain choices made on this blog.  Here’s a thought process for anyone who cares.  As of 03/31/2015:

1) Color Scheme: Royal Purple and Gold.  I’ve always found those colors to be very elegant.  The Gold, well the logo designer actually came up with the color.  Thanks buddy, would put your name on here but will keep it secret for privacy reasons.

2) Name: Why chttrz?  Didn’t want to spend too much time trying to find a name.  One second you’re searching it.  Wait a month, the next second that domain name is gone.  I wanted something casual, chatty.  Although I have found it difficult to explain the spelling of “chttrz” when I tell random people.  Make this a lesson.

3) Design: Why did I choose this specific theme/template?  Well I found many of the other ones slightly difficult to use.  I wanted something very simple and easy to navigate.  I would love to have someone make a custom one, but that’s out of the budget otherwise I would have paid for one of the great pay templates on WP.  I’ve been through a lot of designs over the years, ok really only about 5-10, but this one is the easiest to work with and get my point across.

4) Lowercase Letters on certain parts of the blog: In all honesty this is just to be different.  Everyone uses capitals on their first words.  I figure try a technique that might stand out whether in a good or bad way.  As long as it’s on purpose.  I haven’t had any complaints.

5) Logo Design: I asked a creative acquaintance of mine to come up with something, and it fits pretty well with the “culture.”  chttrz shouldn’t really be written on a line.

6) Range of Categories: Maybe someone wants to share their posts on this blog in the future.  Didn’t want it to be limited, plus I personally have a wide variety of interests, and haven’t exactly found a writing niche/strength topic yet.

7) Lack of Images: This is due to laziness really, and the fact I don’t feel like having to worry about copyright laws.  I know there are many sources out there for open source pictures, but I don’t feel like using them all the time.

8) Why so many lists: Lots of lists because some topics just need to get straight to the point.  Personally whenever I read lists on facebook “Top 10 reasons to do this” “Top 10 whatevers of whoever” I skip the first paragraph unless the writer is very intriguing.  In truth though, most content on Facebook isn’t too intriguing because the images and initial posts are just click bait.

9) Names of Categories: This goes back to #4 and trying to be different.  Every website has the same sections like “Business” “World” “Local” etc…  This isn’t a news blog though, or super serious globally politically correct professional corporate type one.

10) What Anyone Should Take from This: Things change.  Things change often.  Nothing needs to be set in stone.  Work with what you have.  Try something new.  Change isn’t bad.  Change is good.

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