FAWAB VII: “Predicting The Future.”

This blog series will be titled and tagged “FAWAB.”  I was motivated to write a book a few weeks ago.  My only strategy, with no story in mind, was to pick something off a social media site and just write about it.  I decided to write a book about “Predicting the Future.”  I gave up after 8 pages.

Perhaps I may continue it, but I just thought I would upload it to this blog instead, since I wasn’t sure if I would be able to write 50k+ words on how to predict the future.  This series will be in 8 parts since it was 8 pages, and I’m not going to try and edit it.  I think it may perhaps strike some inspiration in someone else who reads this. Without further ado:

***side note, originally this was supposed to be 8 posts.  I’m decreasing it to 7 because the 8th pages was only a few lines without much content.  It just shows a thought process for planning.


Leave the journey alone. Make your prediction, but realize that your journey is what people want to hear about. Not just that you have a billion dollars. Or maybe you do want to predict that you will have a wonderful life journey to share with the world. That’s great, but if you knew everything that was going to happen, suddenly everything doesn’t seem like such an exciting challenge anymore. Don’t look back on life and say “man I knew that was gonna happen.” Look back and say, “I knew this was going to happen, and it was the most wonderful experience I could have.” Maybe this is a fools game? Regardless, meaningful, sappy, motivational life story stuff aside, let’s move forward.


The point of trying to predict the future? Well it’s fun for one. How many times have you said “I knew that was going to happen” or “I started that!” You basically are saying you could have prevented it, or you unconsciously let that event happen by not consciously preventing it, or letting it happen. Or you predicted a future trend, and wished you could have cashed in on it.

It will help in life. In life we try to predict traffic, and take different roads to save time. We predict when it might rain so we bring an umbrella so we don’t get wet. We try to predict the stock market so as to determine whether we should invest or not. We predict when the best time to take a vacation may be.

The point of all this is to save time, headache, and just enjoy ourselves on the journey of life.


With everything said, I hope that this book allows people to gain a grasp of their own lives. You may already know how your life will end, or hope it will end. The important experience is how we get there. The story that we write. The roads that we take. The relationships we form. Those are all wonderful, and things we should not try to predict.



Information important


MOVIES: blacklist

control your own life

You still have free will don’t let this get you down.


In closing, I spent about 4 hours over 7.x pages.  I hope no one takes it too seriously.  It was written for fun as a challenge to myself at a moment when I didn’t want to get stuck on a “topic.”

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