FAWAB VI: “Predicting The Future.”

This blog series will be titled and tagged “FAWAB.”  I was motivated to write a book a few weeks ago.  My only strategy, with no story in mind, was to pick something off a social media site and just write about it.  I decided to write a book about “Predicting the Future.”  I gave up after 8 pages.

Perhaps I may continue it, but I just thought I would upload it to this blog instead, since I wasn’t sure if I would be able to write 50k+ words on how to predict the future.  This series will be in 8 parts since it was 8 pages, and I’m not going to try and edit it.  I think it may perhaps strike some inspiration in someone else who reads this. Without further ado:


through divorce? Does one of your players choke under pressure? I mean these aren’t new concepts. It must be understood that people make predictions everyday, and it shouldn’t be a scary difficult concept to apply these ideas to other areas of life.

Again, only necessities. If it doesn’t matter to your life, don’t bother with it. If it’s something important to your life, of course you should try to at least learn about it so you can prepare for it.


If you attempt to make predictions, you can bet that you will be wrong many a time. You will also be right many times. Predicting the future is only part of life. It doesn’t answer life’s’ questions. You will find those along the way. It doesn’t allow you to do things that may matter more later on in life, like building meaningful, person to person social relationships. Of course what’s important is up to interpretation, but don’t lose sight of the journey.

You can try to predict that you will be a billionaire in 40 years. You can try to skip ahead 40 years, and maybe be right in your prediction. Congratulations. However, at that point in your life, do you really think it’s going to be the fact that you’re a billionaire that’s important? Yes it probably will be, you will be glad you made it. But… do you think it’s possible that it’s going to be all the wonderful people who helped you along the way that were important? All the failed investments you had, and all the successful investments you had? All the great food you ate. All the tough times and beautiful.

When you’re a billionaire, you’ll probably look back at pictures of your countless boyfriends or girlfriends, not your bank account. You’ll wonder what would have happened if you had invested in this company instead of that company. You may have moved on, and it may not bother you, but there will still be what ifs. You’ll wonder what if you didn’t try to predict you were going to be a billionaire. Will you still have come all this way?

You’ll probably think about how great the view was the first time you flew on your private jet, and wonder why it doesn’t have that same effect anymore. You’ll think about all the wonderful stuff you have bought, then probably think I’m glad I can still buy anything 100 times over, this is awesome.

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