FAWAB V: “Predicting The Future.”

This blog series will be titled and tagged “FAWAB.”  I was motivated to write a book a few weeks ago.  My only strategy, with no story in mind, was to pick something off a social media site and just write about it.  I decided to write a book about “Predicting the Future.”  I gave up after 8 pages.

Perhaps I may continue it, but I just thought I would upload it to this blog instead, since I wasn’t sure if I would be able to write 50k+ words on how to predict the future.  This series will be in 8 parts since it was 8 pages, and I’m not going to try and edit it.  I think it may perhaps strike some inspiration in someone else who reads this. Without further ado:


post online, and reach enough people, it’ll probably already be tomorrow. Now if you were to say “the sun will not rise tomorrow because there is a huge asteroid flying towards the Earth that will stop the Earth from rotating on it’s axis and knock it off its’ orbit” then I would be pretty impressed, and admit that this theory does not work 100% of the time. I’d also be very scared, and not worry that you predicted it.

I’m not instigating a discussion here, but I want to constantly reiterate the importance of the future being predictable if we learn to look at the concept itself differently. Let’s continue with the fact that we shouldn’t try to predict things that are not possible. Unless maybe it was your job to predict whether an asteroid will destroy all human life. In that case go for it, I think it would be very valuable to know that we have a scientist doing this as long as the intention was to predict it in order to prevent it, and not just to prove an amateur writer wrong.

In terms of necessities, try to find things that are important to you. Maybe it’s sports. Maybe you’re a die hard fan of X team, X being the name of any team, but I didn’t want to name any because I don’t care to promote any of them. Well try to predict the next time they might win and bet on them. This takes research though. However, if you really really care, and really really work hard at doing your research, you can definitely come out on top or at least within a certain degree of accuracy. If you know that your team (the best team I hope) is going to play the worst team in the NFL on a certain day, you can bet that they will probably win. Right? But be realistic, if your team IS the worst team in the NFL regardless of whether you want to admit it, don’t bet against yourself. If anything you should understand that even if they are the worst team, and you bet against them, it’s like they’re helping you out anyways. You know them so well that you can tell whether they will win or lose.

Now maybe for football fans that’s easy, worst team vs best team. What about pretty evenly matched teams? Well here’s where it gets down to fun. There’s a scene in a movie called “Two for the Money” where the main character predicts the outcome of a football game because he knows that a specific star players dog died. These are the details you need to know. Is one of your stars going

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