FAWAB III: “Predicting The Future”



This blog series will be titled and tagged “FAWAB.”  I was motivated to write a book a few weeks ago.  My only strategy, with no story in mind, was to pick something off a social media site and just write about it.  I decided to write a book about “Predicting the Future.”  I gave up after 8 pages.

Perhaps I may continue it, but I just thought I would upload it to this blog instead, since I wasn’t sure if I would be able to write 50k+ words on how to predict the future.  This series will be in 8 parts since it was 8 pages, and I’m not going to try and edit it.  I think it may perhaps strike some inspiration in someone else who reads this. Without further ado:


A great understanding of just math (well perhaps more advanced math for much more advanced predictions), science, and understanding of life can bring you a long way. The future is predictable guys, it doesn’t have to be something mystical, or out of a science fiction movie.


If you’re easily offended, skip the rest of the paragraph. Just stop reading right now. As the main character of your life, you are going to die. That is my prediction. I can predict that I’m going to die as well. This is one fact that we can rely on. I can also predict that in these upcoming decades, humans will live longer than in the past. I hope you can see where I’m going with this.

There are many other facts in life that we can use. A farmer can predict with 100% accuracy, that the sun will rise, and set tomorrow. If he’s good he may even be able to predict the exact hour within ~30 minutes. Given that there is no predictable eclipse. If the sun does not rise tomorrow, or set tomorrow, there is something wrong. Very wrong, which means that this book will probably be worthless, and so will any argument against it. The sun will rise. It may be blocked by rainy clouds, but it will rise, and then it will set.

The farmer can predict that his crops will grow better in the warmer seasons than in the winter. Science says this. Science can prove this blind and deaf by feeling the temperature with their body, and recording the rates of growth. Farmers predict the future all the time.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that are “unpredictable.” There are many things that are unpredictable. For example, how each specific individual out of 400million people will react to a specific situation with 100% accuracy. We are not trying to get 100% accuracy here. We are trying to predict the future with enough accuracy that we can make use of it here.

To continue with human behavior, we can analyze and predict human nature. We can predict that people will react differently to a random human being than a close friend or family member. Go ahead, test it out. Go to McDonalds tomorrow, walk up to a random table, and take a bite out of what they’re eating. Now, go find the same amount of people, pull their friend or family member aside in

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