FAWAB: First Attempt Writing A Book: “Predicting The Future.”

This blog series will be titled and tagged “FAWAB.”  I was motivated to write a book a few weeks ago.  My only strategy, with no story in mind, was to pick something off a social media site and just write about it.  I decided to write a book about “Predicting the Future.”  I gave up after 8 pages.

Perhaps I may continue it, but I just thought I would upload it to this blog instead, since I wasn’t sure if I would be able to write 50k+ words on how to predict the future.  This series will be in 8 parts since it was 8 pages, and I’m not going to try and edit it.  I think it may perhaps strike some inspiration in someone else who reads this. Without further ado:


Predicting the Future


This is my first attempt at publishing a book. I came across an article written by someone on Facebook who said predicting the future is a “fools game.” I disagree. I think that there are so many facts of life, and certain events that will constantly repeat themselves which can help guide anyone into a better future.

This book is not saying that we can predict the future with 100% accuracy, and very specifically. The underlying philosophy here, is that with deep analysis and use of technology, science, mathematics, and great algorithms, we can predict certain aspects of our future. This book is also not claiming that we can literally see the future and what will happen.

I will attempt to use various examples that may show how we can do this, and how you can possibly use it in your life. Try to take this with a grain of salt. I don’t plan on trying to predict the future Nostradamus style, and I don’t think I can tell you who the president will be in 100 years will be, or when we will first colonize Mars or end world hunger. This is just a philosophy. A concept that can allow you to re-frame your life and possibly even benefit from trying to take your future in your own hands.


What is prediction? Well according to Wikipedia, on this date of 03/01/2015, it is a statement about the way things will happen in the future, often but not always based on experience or knowledge. That’s all it is. A statement. The news weather forecasters do this every single day. The question here is, if we can do it for things like weather, why can’t we do it for anything else? Or can we….? You may be wrong about your prediction, but don’t be scared about being wrong. Do people care enough about whether you are wrong or not? If you are so important that hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people will care about your statement, you probably already know how to predict future outcomes

4 thoughts on “FAWAB: First Attempt Writing A Book: “Predicting The Future.”

  1. Are you talking about prediction, or expressing intention? I think that prediction is a statement about our belief in a likely future outcome, based on information we have today. I think that an expressed intention – with commitment – can lead to that outcome, provided we have control over most of the variables and truly want it.


    1. Good question, thats part of why I scrapped the project, but I didnt want it to go to waste so I still posted it. My definition wasnt too precise. With your definitions though it definitely leans more toward expressed intention.

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