10 Reasons you should take the next 10 minutes of your life to come up with a mission statement.

Sometimes, we need guidance in our lives.  This is why we may read articles, look at horoscopes, watch the news, and listen to others.  However, one thing we may miss out on is our ability to guide ourselves.  This is a call to action for anyone who reads this to come up with their own mission statement within the next 10 minutes.

1) It’s not set in stone.  Even if it was set in stone, you could just get a new stone.  Maybe tomorrow a dog rescues your newborn baby from a snake attack, and you decide to change your mission statement to “look out for the welfare of all dogs.”  The point is, as your life changes you can adapt.

2) Trust that you can guide yourself.  It’s not bad to have an idol, or people you look up to.  They will alter how you perceive the world, but let’s not forget the most important person.  You.  We need to trust ourselves that we can direct our lives where we want it to go, and coming up with a mission statement is a great first step.  If your mission statement is simply to be the first multi-trillionaire, just write it.

3) With no goal, there can be no direction.  You can wander life aimlessly, and maybe you’ll come across something one day.  Or you can go through life with a certain purpose, and find something towards that purpose along the way, and again, refer back to #1, it’s not set in stone.

4) Why not? You don’t have to listen to me, I believe in free will.  If you are really against this exercise, then you don’t have to.  However, if you want to do something that could really be beneficial to you that may change your life over the next 10 minutes, then it can’t hurt.  You don’t even have to say it out loud, but to write it somewhere you can see it daily will be a great reminder.

5) You’ll gain confidence.  At the end of this exercise you will have literally found a purpose in life, no matter what it is.  Isn’t that what many of us want out of our ~century on this planet?  To know that we had some meaningful purpose, and that we’re not just meant to be worm feed?

6) It doesn’t have to be complicated.  No one’s expecting you to end world hunger.  If that’s an expectation you have on yourself, great, but writing it down definitely helps you define your days.  You also don’t need to write a 500 page thesis on how you’re going to accomplish it either.  Just a short twitter length mission statement is sufficient for this.

7) It’ll make your life easier.  Let’s say your mission is to be a great person.  Tomorrow someone says “hey man, lets go do some B&E (that’s breaking and entering as Dane Cook puts it).”  Well you can think back to your mission statement, and decide whether it helps push you forward on your mission or a step back.  Ok life isn’t always so simple on these decisions, but it’s the underlying principle we’re talking about here.

8) You’re a hipster.  Ok this ones kind of a joke.  Don’t be a hipster.  Seriously, but how many people do you know have mission statements?  Probably not many.  The only entities I know with mission statements are huge successful corporations.  Be one of the few, or hopefully, eventually, many.  Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone could openly talk about their mission statements?

9) You will feel productive.  Let’s pretend for a moment you’ve only been reading blogs, Facebooking, and Redditing since you woke up this afternoon.  You will have produced something potentially beneficial in the next 10 minutes, regardless of what your mission statement is.  Maybe your mission statement is just to lay in bed for the rest of the day.  That’s cool too, you can just change it tomorrow, but it’s better than putting it off until tomorrow.

10) Opportunities may arise.  Perhaps you decide that you want to colonize Mars.  Well you’ll probably start being curious about how you can accomplish that tomorrow.  You’ll then start finding companies and others that also want to colonize Mars.  You’ll maybe even find someone with a direct contact to Elon Musk who is looking for people to colonize Mars.  Ok I don’t know if he is, but if anyone is, he would be my first guess of people.  Him or Stephen Hawking…  Regardless, opportunities may arise, when you start wondering about “how you can accomplish your mission.”

Have fun, and may the force be with you.

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