11 Things blogs can try to gain viewers.

I’ve been trying to learn about the blog world for nearly four years now.  Albeit, only aggressively worked on it for maybe 6 months out of those years taking into account the actual times I’ve posted, and got involved with others in the WordPress community.  With that said I think it’s time that I set a more strategy.

1) Comment on other blogs with a link to yours. How to do it?  Start using the reader, go through it on topics you’re interested in, find a post that you had was similar and comment a useful comment, and link it back to yours asking for advice or whatnot.

2) Find other bloggers to link with CHTTRZ.  Not sure how to do this but there are many partner blog sites out there.  There has to be at least one other one that’s willing to link mine if I link theirs.  How?  Similar to strategy 1, but instead of just leaving a post, I actually try to e-mail them, and “talk business.”

3) Ask more questions?  This blog may try to give too much unwarranted “advice.”  I personally enjoy reading Facebook posts from big companies like McDonalds, or news companies like Bloomberg, or a Jewelry designer asking a question like “good idea or bad idea?” “Good design or bad design?”  Then reading the responses.  Or formulating my own.  I usually never comment though.  Perhaps questions make posts more engaging… But how?

4) Pay for readers.  It would be really easy to just pay 20 bucks for 100k views on Facebook.  It’s very tempting to do this the easy way.  I’m only listing this as a potential idea, but I can’t say I’m quite desperate enough for extra views just yet.

5) Write more posts.  This seems like a simple one.  More content, better content = more readers.  I have the fear of running out of material.  I wish I could make enough content to post every 12 hours, and I probably could, but it wouldn’t be of any quality.  It’s difficult enough coming up with enough material to last a few weeks using the scheduling feature.  Regardless, I try to space them no more than 3-4 days apart.  It is working, and the audience builds very slowly, I get a new follower maybe every 2 weeks.

6) Try to build a team to write for CHTTRZ.  This is easy for established blogs, we have a couple writers, but wouldn’t it would be great to have a huge alliance of writers.

7) Contact random bloggers for advice.  Similar to #3 but the goal behind #3 is to get readers to want to comment, and get involved in a discussion, or pick the viewers brains.  The goal of this one is to actually get advice as to how to get more viewers from people who know how, or just get lucky.  I guess I’ve never really asked for much feedback.

8) Make a subscribe link after each post.  Perhaps people aren’t subscribing because the option isn’t obvious enough.  I’ll have to figure out how to do this.

9) Inceptionize my posts.  Link to a post within a post within a post.  I see this done a lot on TIME articles.  This is a strategy I’ve thought of, but I don’t know if it even works.  I admit, I’ve also been too lazy to figure out which posts may go together and whatnot.  Guess it’s a better time to start than ever?  Here’s a list of 10 things you should do right now.

10) Truly understand that doing nothing means there will be no result at all.  Tested this.  I’ve had periods of time when I couldn’t think of anything to write.  Or I could have thought of stuff to write but I didn’t write it, or was too lazy.  I was hoping one of the posts was just so spectacular that 100’s of people would Bing it over time.  This doesn’t happen, at least it hasn’t for me.  Either way, I think doing something, anything, even adding a tag, taking away a useless tag, changing the design (which I’ve done at least 5 times over the past 6 months) helps, because it’ll make you start doing.  I guess this goes for all life.

11) Use hashtags?  I’ve actually never gotten the hang of hashtags despite how effective they probably are in social media.  However I don’t want my titles filled with hashtags either?  I think there’s a way to write a twitter friendly title with hashtags… I’ll have to figure this out, ah there it is on the sidebar.  Well time to get to work.

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