Three people whose point of view of the world, I would like to see.

In no particular order:

1) Warren Buffett:  You could probably pick any major investor for this one.  I could go on Bing and pick some random one and go against the grain and pretend like I know biographies of other major investors like Icahn, Cuban, or Branson, but I’m not because I think Buffett is a cool guy.   I would like to see the pov of Warren Buffett because this guy can basically change the fate of a company (at least for the short term) at the snap of a finger.  Although I’m sure there are checks, balances, and adviser’s, I think Warren Buffett has the ability to literally say “Here’s 1 billion, 2 billion, 3 billion dollars, I believe your executives have the ability to make me money, so do whatever you want with it.”  Or he can sell all his shares, and drop the value of a company and scare everyone else who had invested in that company because they think Buffet knows something they don’t.

2) Bill Gates:  Gates probably works IN THE FUTURE.  I’ve never had the funds to be using all the coolest new gadgets.  Keep up to date with the best new programming languages.  Nor have the leading forward-thinking visionaries as my friends (or enemies).  Technology that I have now is probably what Bill Gates was using three years ago.  I usually only rotate my phones or laptops every 4+ years, and we all know how quickly these things get outdated.  It was incredible to me when I switched from my old android to a new LG G2, which was still a generation behind since the G3 came out months earlier.  I was amazed at how much faster, and how much more information the phone could handle.  I imagine Mr. Gates workspaces and home to be incredibly futuristic compared to my space.  Chances are, the gadgets the average household uses to him are what flipphones are to us.

3) Li Ka-Shing: He’s been battling Alibaba lately for richest man in China, but still he’s old school cool.  Alibaba could just be a fad, who knows.  But seriously, Mr. Li Ka-Shing basically owns all of Hong Kong.  Can you imagine owning utility companies, and more real estate than anyone else in a city like Hong Kong?  Not only that but Hong Kong is a pretty unique city.  I could pick a real estate mogul like Donald Trump, but it’s just not the same.  I mean Hong Kong is an enormous city that communist China needs to make huge efforts to maintain.  With all of the foreigners in Hong Kong, it’s probably the most Westernized City in China.  People in Hong Kong seem to think more freely, and not be bound by the same restrictions as mainlanders.  This is only going judged by the fact they don’t have internet firewall restrictions, and the fact a majority of Hong Kongers speak English.  This is HUGE for a Chinese city. 

With that said, Trump sees money from the perspective that he can just buy and buy and buy with some politics and good decisions thrown in.  Ka-Shing needs to delicately balance a highly controversial government with economic progress in a drastically changing environment.  On another note, his name just sounds like money going into a cash register… *Kaaa-Shiiing*

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