5 Ways Japan can possibly begin turn around its’ aging population.

First, I want to make it clear, I am not Japanese, I only ever worked for a Japanese company, I have never been to Japan, and I have only ever watched a couple Animes, and only know about Japan based on information I find online, specifically as it relates to this topic from Wikipedia.  Basically I’m talking out of my *** on this topic.  Aside from that, I’m sure they’ve already begun executing many strategies that are much better than mine.

It’s no secret Japan has a declining population.  What this means is that there are way too many old people, and not enough young people having babies which means it’s possible that Japan may be one of the first civilizations to go extinct in the next 200 years or so.  Ok maybe not that extreme, but you get the point.  It’s a major concern.
Here are some ideas (some possibly good, some terrible, maybe all terrible, who knows) that may help.  The whole idea is to get more people to have sex and want families.

1) Create more sales jobs.  Sales people need to be outgoing, aggressive, and understanding.  This is great for getting men and women to meet each other.  Keep the jobs requiring high integrity, throw in high commissions with a fairly easy to obtain cap so they don’t need to sacrifice their family life.  If the commissions are high, people may WANT to work 24/7.  The cap makes it so that they can slow down a bit once they hit that easy to obtain commission and focus on other things.  Plus they’re more outgoing meaning they’re more likely to meet other people.

2) Put out more anime focused on marriage.  According to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aging_of_Japan it seems that people are shunning tradition of marriage.  From what I’ve read, Japanese children and even adults love their anime.  There has to be some great writer that can write a cool anime revolving around getting married and how great it is to get married and have kids.  I’ve watched very few, and perhaps they may even be out there, but it’s good to have this influence.  If they are out there, or older, try to “respark” interest in that anime.

3) Invest more in “family films.”  Perhaps their needs to be something more romantic in terms of family films.  People may shun it because they don’t like the idea, but maybe if it’s romanticized the youth may appreciate it more.

4) Get businesses to have more “family” events.  It seems common that Japanese work culture makes it seem the employees live in the workplace.  This is probably a cultural/social issue that can’t just be changed easily.  Perhaps try the strategy of using the workplace as an extra place for their families.  Bring their family to work more often, get families involved on business trips, company events.  This may cost companies more money, but the government needs to get involved if the nations people want to multiply.  Those within the company who are single may even feel more pressure.

5) Create a “family e-dating” website.  Perhaps the younger generation isn’t going to go on a dating website.  But maybe their parents who want to force their kids into marriage and dating can play matchmaker themselves.  Sort of like an arranged marriage, where families get to create a dating profile for the child they want to get married.  The families then date each other before telling the kids how great they may be for each other.  Maybe this would make for awkward first dates, or young adults who may refuse, but if the young aren’t “getting it on” and getting married, maybe the adults need to get their feet wet.

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