The Destination and The Journey

If life was really about the Journey and not The Destination, I would never buy a cup of coffee at a Starbucks.  I’d just arrive at the coffeeshop , and then say “ok, I guess I’ll go home now.”

But that kind of “pop wisdom” only partly makes sense, and is an example of saying “Thinking about A is wrong, you should be thinking about B.” without any further discussion or elaboration or respect for what A might B.  (Sorry I couldn’t resist).

On the one hand speaking of literature, or stories, they are always about journeys, or adventures, travels, or quests, or like I said originally journeys and destinations.  I’m glad the East has given the world the Wheel of Dharma as a symbol of the flow of events and of recurrence and of the laws of nature and the universe.   The wheel keeps turning.  We hear told of it’s ceaseless turning.   Life is not static.

What does that have to do with journeys and destinations?  I don’t know.    If I started thinking of life as a journey I’d think of a long journey, and that’d freak me out, because my mind would start to imagine space zombies.  Actually, traveling is one of the most fun things to me in the world.  Even when you reach a destination, like a city, and you stay in the city for a week or more, there are little journeys each day that are all unique.

Without the city, none of those would be possible.    And or course if you’re really talking about journey’s, then yes, a journey is not a hike, it’s not a trek, it’s not a stroll.  Journey’s REALLY ARE about getting to a particular destination.  If it weren’t it wouldn’t be a journey.  It’d be called something else.  If there’s no Point B the journey can’t happen.  And there’s always SOMETHING at the Destination that is of great importance.  Whatever it is isn’t at Point A.  Even if it’s across town.

Every great movie and myth and legend, if the characters never get to their destination, it’d make for some ridiculous comedy. (comedy has been an outlet for my thoughts recently).

Its obvious to say there is stupid and then there is stupid, but sometimes the obvious suffices, just like starting by doing “the average” most often times suffices to achieve greatness.

Know where you’re going and what you need to get there.  Plan your route.  Hopefully enjoy the journey (If it involves crossing the Alps, I’d advise taking the train).  But equally important, enjoy yourself once you reach your destination!!

One thought on “The Destination and The Journey

  1. Interesting thoughts. I always wonder about the same thing. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up only on the result, and you lose sight of the whole process of getting there. I think “Click” or whatever that Adam Sandler movie really captures that whole concept very well.


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