10 ideas for a story about renewing friendships.

Using https://www.random.org/ and http://www.creativewritingprompts.com/#

I got the writing prompt “Describe 30 minutes in the renewal of a friendship.”

Instead of actually writing a play (which is what I’m thinking is the best idea for this, a 30 page play), I’m just going to keep a list of ideas.

1) A breakup.  An ex-couple seeks to rekindle a friendship despite being married or in a serious relationship.

2) Drug additiction.  Good friends from their youth separate because one of them becomes addicted to drugs.

3) Stealing.  A friend was caught stealing.  This can be about how the friend apologized.

4) Friends broken up because of racism.  This would be a tough one to write about.  I’m thinking a guy gets picked on in a southern predominantly white school that’s somewhat racist.  His best friend from childhood didn’t do anything to help defend him, and actually partook in it one time.  Years later this friend wants to apologize for his wrongdoings somehow.

5) A gay friend.  This is a popular topic today.  One friend stops contact with another because they found out he/she was a homosexual.  The straight person has become more accepting over time, and tries to befriend them again.

6) Two criminals.  Two criminals (i’m thinking serial killers, or thieves) who grew up together try to become friends again after separating as cops chase them down.  However, I’m not too fond of this story, people like to see the good guys win.  But it’s an idea.

7) Childhood friends turn good guy bad guy.  This has been done many times, but there’s really no such things as new ideas.  However the kids grow up, one becomes a drug lord, the other becomes chief of police tracking him down.

8) Man and nature.  Man was cruel, dog fighting, animal slaughterer, etc….  He gains ability to speak to animals and aids in helping them renewing friendships of dogs he may have put into fights.

9) Business betrayal.  A long time business partner betrays his partner leaving him in the dust.  Tries to renew friendship after everything fails.

10) Reincarnated friend.  I can already think about a bunch of times this has been done.  Again, the idea is to write down ideas. Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, best friend, etc… comes back as a ghost or different person, and tries to renew the friendship.  Struggle ensues, does the person who didn’t die think they’re crazy?  Or is the struggle believing the person who says they’re the person who died?

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