4 reasons why you should accept that you’re a nobody.

1) It will humble you.  People like humble.  Humble is good.  Maybe you don’t care what people think.  That’s okay too, but sometimes it’s good to take a step back and humble yourself.

2) You may become more ambitious.  When you realize that who you are is just a minor part of this world, maybe it will motivate you to do more.  Maybe it will push you to play a larger part, and do great big things to have a large impact.

3) It will make you more aware of the world.  Stop getting angry over simple things.  There are hundreds of millions of people worse off than you, and there are also many more doing better than you.  Focus on your own world and how you can improve your own “universe.”

4) Because you ARE a nobody.  Maybe you’re Mark Zuckerberg.  There are hundreds of millions of people throughout Africa, China, and Korea who have never used FB and probably don’t even know it exists. 

Maybe you’re Kim Jong Un.  Well everybody outside of the government thinks you’re a joke. 

Maybe you’re a five star general with multiple medals of honor, who fought in WWII, ‘nam, had say in the Cold War, Iraq War, War on Drugs, War on Terror, War, and you rescued the presidents daughter twice with your bare hands in enemy territory, found a cure for cancer and aids, you make water out of wine, and you are on a first name basis with every world leader.  Okay well this guy is probably worthy of a statue or something, his name was General MacArthur.

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