10 ideas for lists of 10.

1) 10 Eras that would have been interesting to live in.  This list could be about a war period (Spartan, Mongolian, WWI, WWII, 90’s USA, Mao Zhe Dong era).  I’m not saying they would have been all “fun” and “exciting” but I think the time periods could have taught us a lot about just life in general.

2) 10 Businesses with startup costs under $5000.  There are probably lots of businesses that can be started for that low.  Examples include a cleaning business, video production, clothing.  Now this doesn’t include storefronts, and all that jazz.  I’m just thinking businesses where you can gather the basic products your’e gonna sell, and go to your neighbors and probably find a couple buyers.

3) 10 Reasons why everyone should at least consider military service.  I never joined the military, but I think I could definitely come up with many great benefits of joining the military.  It’s very difficult to say everyone SHOULD, since not everyone has the same beliefs.  However I think there are some good arguments for it, such as, it’s not the “face to face” battle it used to be, they actually provide a variety of useful career options for those who seek it.

4) 10 Reasons why everyone should just start a non-profit organization.  It doesn’t have to be a full time business.  I’m just thinking any sort of organization.  Of course you want to take the non-profit status eventually if it gets big, but there are so many causes out there that can use the aid of someone passionate.  Not only that but you can’t see this as a “will I make money opportunity.”  There are plenty of those out there.  This is when you know this is something you’ll care about.

5) 10 Reasons to use Bing.com  This might be a fun one to write about, but Bing has a lot of cool features.  I don’t think it has enough awareness, and it’s probably gonna give Google a run for it’s money.

6) 10 Things in our society that are changing, that we should not be too concerned about.  There’s a huge push for privacy, and people against the NSA.  Personally, I wouldn’t be too concerned about them.

7) 10 Changes in our society that we should be concerned about.  Things like less face to face interactions.  Groups of kids being on their phones while in person.  Virtual reality glasses and how it’ll probably separate us more.  Although I can see it being beneficial to some extent.

8) 10 Thoughts on virtual reality.  What sorts of businesses can be started?  How will this affect families?  How will this affect relationships?  Will it become too real for some people?  How will it benefit those that aren’t able to live “normal lives.”  Benefits, and negative consequences.

9) 10 Reasons you should stop clicking linkbait, clickbait, whatever you wanna call it.  Stop it.  Just stop it.  You’re not doing yourself justice.  Heck you’re even harming society, because people whose jobs depend on it put out more useless clickbait stuff because they know you’ll click it.  Then again, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Who am I to judge what information is or isn’t valuable…?

10) 10 Reasons you should stop and question everything you see on Google, Facebook, Cracked, and etc…  Let’s put it this way.  Do you believe everything our government says?  Okay.  Do you believe everything on the news? Okay.  If you said no to either of those questions, or even both, then why the heck would you trust an article posted by some random 20 year old, whose job is to get as many views as possible?  Think about that.

As an aside, I want to make it clear that Im not saying to assume everything is false, but to consider data given to you before taking it in.

I’m not saying 20 year olds can’t be credible, but so much of the stuff that’s out there like “recent polls suggest that 80% of Americans that eat potato chips also do worse on their SATs,” are nonsense, and sensationalized.  I just pulled those statistics off the top of my head.  I made them up.  See what I mean?  I’m pretty sure I could write a convincing article and make a cool fake chart to do that too, but that’s not beneficial to anyone.

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