10 things I would do with my last $20.00

Idea from http://www.creativewritingprompts.com/# and random number generated by https://www.random.org/ to decide on prompt.  There are also a lot of assumptions that occur with this prompt…  I mean do I still have my credentials?  Do I still have family to help?  Do I refuse family help?  Where am I?  Why do I only have 20$ left?  But without thinking too much lets just get to it.

Here is a list of 10 things I would do with my last $20.00.

1) Buy a case or more of water.  You can get a case of water from a grocery store.  Probably Sams or Wal Mart or Costco because that’s where it’ll probably be the cheapest.  Everyone drinks water. I could sell this water.  The going price on the streets seem to average around $1.00 per bottle.  It would be a pain to deal with change anyways but you according to Sams you can get a 40 case for $3.98.


Not only that but you need water to survive, so having this on hand with your last 20 bucks is more valuable than the 20$.  Although in the U.S.A. if you can find a park there’s a local water fountain so if you want to save money, you can do that.  Regardless, the idea is to survive.  Also I’m not saying it’s easy to hustle out there and get your water sold, but if you’re on your very last leg, this is what you need to do.  However, since we don’t all live near Sams, and traveling is costly, or they ran out of the 40 pack, let’s be on the safe side and say we spent 5 bucks on a 24 pack.

2) Buy a loaf of bread.  If you’re going to survive on this last $20.00 you will need food.  Bread is cheap.  If you really need something extra, you should probably get a bottle of jelly too. If you match this with the water deal, you can probably survive for a couple weeks easy.

3) Try to get any low barrier to entry job (Wal-Mart, McDonalds, janitor somwhere).  I would ask for the manager, tell them I am on my very last 20 dollars, and I im seeking a job to keep me on my feet.  I wouldn’t spend it there.  Heck I probably wouldn’t even show it to them.  However I believe honesty is the most important.  I would tell them, I need a job, I will spend this last 20 dollars to pay towards the uniform.  I’m not saying anything against Wal-Mart or McDonalds employees.  However these are positions that probably wouldn’t be difficult to get.

4) Buy the nicest clothes I can at Goodwill for under 10$.  This is so I can at least try to apply professionally to a decent job.  This should be self explanatory.

5) Buy notebooks.  I would probably try to record my struggles on my last $20.00.  It could be worth something to someone.  I would probably either write stories or ideas, and try to sell the book for a profit.  Or even just give it away, sneak it somewhere, hope someone discovers it and seeks me out.  Not sure.

6) Try to find as many other people not doing so well and pool our money to buy something like more water to sell.  Basically start a business with everybody else who’s down on their success.  We’re humans, we are social creatures.  We can’t survive alone.  Nobody has ever been successful by themselves.  Whether it be your family, your friends, your customers, your teammates, your superiors, everyone has had help somewhere.  Even self-made millionaires had someone.  Their first customer, their first big customer, their first business partner, their first employee.

7) Buy some cheap books. Reading is good.  Books provide inspiration.  They teach you.  They make you see things differently.  They have secrets.  They let you escape the real world.  If you’re on your last $20, you could probably use an escape.  Maybe even sell these later on.

8) Buy a disposable camera.  Americans love art.  Art suggests class.  Art suggests you are wealthy enough to have leisure time.  Even the artists who are not wealthy are fortunate enough to have running water, probably a low paying job, bread, and a roof somewhere.  Most artists probably have more than $20.00 if they’re even trying in life.  This could be sold as “art.”  Just about anything can be “art” with the right marketing.

I would take pictures with the disposable cameras, then I would go somewhere, maybe an art exhibit or something.  I would take both crappy and good pictures.  It would depend on my marketing.  I would tell the person how to market it.  If I was taking crappy pictures of my stache, or my bench, or even pictures that just show a blurry image of my hand.

I would tell them to market it as “broke guy takes artistic images that truly captures the sadness of being homeless.”  If I took good pictures, I would tell them to market it as “homeless guy takes incredible photos with disposable camera.  I would walk around telling people I’m on my very last leg, I spent my last bit of money, I would offer them the camera for free.  I would tell them I am trying to pursue my dream of being a famous photographer.  I would ask them to pay to produce the pictures.  If they like them, then pay me for the camera, and the photos if they like based on how much they value them.  If they don’t like them (this is why I wouldn’t pay to have them produced myself) then I would pay them back for production.

You could also go the safe route, pay for production of the photos, then try to sell those photos.

9) Save money for a bus ride if I decide not to hitchhike.  This is after I go to my local library and look up local jobs on craigslist.  I would obviously need a ride to these places to do the jobs.

10) Pay for printing.  I would actually try to avoid paying by telling the library I’m very broke, and can use any bit they can spare.  However, I would try to type up the best resume I can, as many of them as I can, that they will allow for free.  I won’t use fancy resume paper because I can’t afford it.  Then I would walk around to all the businesses telling them my story of how I only have $20.00 left.

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