Here’s 10 reasons why millennial’s are so ambitious.

1) Millennial’s are trapped between a rock and a hard place.  They are stuck between their bosses generations and this following generation that’s going to know more about technology by the time they hit age 5 than many other generations.  Millennials realize that in order to succeed they need to not only appeal to their bosses who possibly did not grow up with 56k internet connections until later in their lives, but they also need to stay ahead of the current generation Z consisting of babies who are taking selfies, instagramming, and tweeting.

2) Millennial’s need to get out of the house.  I’m sure a majority of millennial adults have an urge to get out of their homes.  They realize they can’t live with their parents forever.  source

3) Millennial’s hear about more success stories than ever.  It seems everyday there is a new multi-million success story of someone in their mid-20’s striking it big by getting a deal from Mark Cuban or Richard Branson.  Of course this is probably just great marketing, and the “CEO” isn’t actually a multi-millionaire because the investor owns most of the company, but this still a motivational factor.

4) Millennial’s aren’t quite sure what they want.  They want to do everything.  They want to be famous, they want to start businesses, they don’t want to be famous, they want to be artists, they want a job, they don’t want a job, they want to travel, they want to settle down, they don’t want to settle down.  It’s difficult for millennials to figure themselves out when there is so many opportunities out there.

5) Millennial’s have it easier than ever. Never has it ever been so easy to keep in touch with friends.  Never has it ever been easier to make a random friend across the world.  Never has it been easier to translate, or take pictures and share them with friends.  Never has it been easier to try and reach out to others.

6) Millennial’s have it harder than ever. Millennial’s can’t just learn chemistry anymore.  They have to be excellent communicators as well.  They also have to have a PhD or Masters at minimum.  They have to be outgoing.  They have to have an appropriate social network presence.  They can’t have their mugshots on Bing.  They need to know how to negotiate.  They need to know how to use all forms of social media.  They need to know how to handle public relations, and be a good co-worker.

7) Millennial’s realize they don’t know anything.  They aren’t scared to admit it either.  This drives their desire to learn.  With all the information on the web, most of them have yet to explore even 5% of what’s out there.  I just made up the number 5% by the way.  I really don’t know how much millennial’s know but it’s a good guess.

8) Millennial’s are fearless.  They really don’t mind risk.  There are always stories of millennial’s quitting jobs to start businesses, to go travel, putting life on hold to do whatever their heart desires.

9) Millennial’s are fearful.  They are fearful of the future.  Will they retire?  Will they ever meet their special someone without using Tinder?  Will they be stuck working in retail or restaurants forever?  They realize life is fleeting, and they feel the need to make the most out of it.

10) Millennial’s are very socially accepting.  Millenial’s want diversity.  They understand struggles that different types of people go through.  They read stories about bullying, and become upset.  They read stories of anti-racism, and they applaud those who stood up against bigotry.  They want to help the world, and all various cultures, sexual orientations, and ethnicities it has to offer.

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