On learning to play the Violin, and the steep learning curve.

Source: http://www.descargandolamemoria.com/2010/04/violin-y-notas-la-foto-1024-x-768-pix.html using Bing.com “free to share and use commercially.”

Having been a piano player for many years, I decided to pick up the Violin, and holy Stradivarius is it difficult to pick up.  Moving your finger just 3 millimeters in the wrong direction causes a horrifying sound.  Bowing too quickly, bowing too slowly, putting too much pressure on the bow makes the sound of a cat in pain.  It’s almost worst than a chalkboard scraping sound.  I feel bad for the people who have heard me through this struggle.

I am in no way saying the piano is easy, however actually picking it up and just playing is not as difficult, at least for me.  I’m sure most would agree that string instruments require much more accuracy, especially one with no frets.  Even on the piano, if I’m on a completely different piano, I would be thrown off.  Whether it be the size of the keys, the chair height, the usage of the keys (sometimes older pianos have much lighter keys).  The violin really seems to require lots of practice before producing a quality sound.

Fortunately I’ve known how to read music, and that has really helped this move along pretty quickly.  Unfortunately, I’m a beginner that wants to start playing the classics but can’t just take it out of the case and start playing.

Regardless, I love the vast range of of the 88 key piano, but the challenges of the violin are pretty intriguing.  I really can’t wait until I can produce a decent, acceptable sound continuously.  There is so much to learn.

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