Four things you should do tomorrow that will make you feel good.

These are generally some pretty obvious things to do that come up in just about every “things you should do blah blah blah” post you’ve ever seen.  Either way, it’s sometimes good to have a reminder so onward steed.

1) Forgive someone.  Think about someone who has done you wrong.  Someone that may have insulted you, angered you.  Maybe it’s someone you know, or maybe it’s just some random person that happened to cut you off by accident.  Forgive them.  Say to yourself, I will forgive this person for what they did.  This will help clear your mind of negative thoughts.

2) Buy a book.  Walk into Barnes & Nobles and literally just buy any book that catches your eye.  If it’s a romance, a thriller, sci-fi, or even a random book off the “specials” tables that you’ve never heard of.  Who knows what kind of adventure it’ll bring you on, or how it will inspire you.  Books have this power to change peoples views that reading articles on the internet all day can not do.

3) Meditate.  Find a quiet spot, anywhere, in your house, on your bed, your shed, on a boat, or even in a park.  The most difficult thing about meditation is just completely clearing your mind.  If you can completely clear your mind of everything except thoughts on your breathing, you can focus on just about any task life can throw at you.  Having a solid meditation session can be more mentally exhausting than a large majority of anything you have to do in your regular life.  It also tends to have a refreshing affect that sleep just can’t accomplish.

4) Whatever you planned on spending money on, either spend less or don’t.  Instead of getting in your car, driving to the coffee shop, drinking, then driving back to work or back home.  Don’t.  Save that money.  Instead of buying the bottled water from the machine, take a second and just look for a water fountain.  Instead of buying the large combo at the fast food restaurant, just go ahead and by the smaller one.  Obviously this is something you need to use your judgment on.  If you really can’t use a water fountain because you have phobia, or if you absolutely HAVE to have that coffee because you seriously can’t live without it or know how you’ll function without it for one day, then go have at it, but if you can even try to save a penny, do so.

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