Dozen minus two Haiku’s.

Using basic traditional rules in my attempt: 17 syllables 5 7 5, and about nature.


Fishes in a pond

swimming around aimlessly

follow the next fish


The seeds are falling

the sun shines the rain floods over

now there is new life


Water water what?

Err… Water water water

what? er? err.. water.


The sunshine’s over

darkness comes without regard

they will both be back


Vicious bees attack

protect the queen with their life

the hive is their home


The sky has beauty

facebook is more important

forcing our heads down


Breakers on the shore

concrete lights cars bikes phones homes

balanced on the land


Whales observing land

exploring leads to beaching

see a whole new world


Particles in air

too much urbanization

making people ill


Clouds resting above

lingering waiting to fall

help to feed to grass

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