10 Things you should do RIGHT NOW.

No need for details, this is a message of urgency.

1) Stand up.  Yes stand up, get the blood flowing in your legs.  You’ve been sitting for a while.

2)  Stretch.  Extend your fingers.  Bend them back.  Raise your arms into the air as far as they can.  Pull your toes back.  Knees straight, touch your toes.  Lick your elbow.  Just kidding on the last one.

3) SCREAM AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS. Yes.  Stop what you’re doing right now, go walk to your car, sit inside and scream at the top of your lungs.  If you can’t do that because it’s snowing, put a pillow over your face and mouth and just let loose.  Get all the angry bad thoughts out.  If you have none, good for you.

4) Take a deep breath.  Breathe.  Take in as much free air as possible.  Enjoy the (hopefully) good smells of your environment.

5) Do 10 jumping jacks, 10 sit ups, and 10 push ups.  Just do it.  Who’s watching?  Literally just get off your butt and do them.  If you’re a gym regular good for you, but you’re not exempt either.  If you are one of those people who always says you want to get into the gym, get to it.  You don’t need a gym.  These 3 exercises will put you 30 steps closer to your goals than you would be.

6) Put on your favorite song. Go on youtube.com and look up your favorite song.  Anything.  Literally just look it up, and play it.  Who cares.  Play it loud, play it soft.  Really listen to it though this time.  Think about why you like it.  Think about what the lyrics are really saying.  Think about the music without the lyrics.  Think about the feelings it provokes.

7) Go get a drink of water.  It’s good for you.

8) Send any random friend of yours a “how are you” text.  Just say hi to someone.  Interact.  We are social creatures.  If you have no friends, text a family member.  If you don’t have family, go play with your cat, dog, bird, mouse, raccoon, muskrat, or alligator.  If you don’t have pets, family, friends, make up an imaginary friend right now, and tell them your life story, it’ll make you feel better.

9) Think of something you want to do and write the first step to doing it: Do you want to go to Shanghai?  Paris?  Rome? Los Angeles?  The first step would be to request time off at your job.  Or maybe it’s to save money for the trip.  If that’s the case write that down.

10) Go clean your tongue. I would say floss your teeth, but many people probably don’t have floss if they don’t floss.  And if they have floss then they already floss regularly.  However this is probably something people don’t do.  Go grab a spoon, take an edge, bring it to the back of your mouth/throat, and scrap forward getting rid of all that gunk.  It’ll make your mouth taste and feel better.


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