10 ideas for reality tv shows.

Personally, I don’t like reality tv.  I don’t think I’ve ever watched a full episode of any reality tv show.  Not “Real World,” not “Desperate Housewives of <insert city here>,” not “Road Rules,” and not even “Survivor.”  They just don’t interest me, but then I stop to think about some of the interesting people and stories that could come about from other reality tv shows.  I’m not saying these are good or bad ideas.  They are just ideas.  Just gonna start:

1) Warehouse Employees: I worked for a food distribution company a while ago and I think the men that worked in the warehouse and as part of the logistics team were some really interesting people.  Some characters that this show needs: Someone who always yells obscenities in his native language (spanish, cantonese, etc…).  They need one really big intimidating lookin dude, over 6’3 probably 250+ lbs who’s just overly nice guy and probably wouldn’t hurt a fly, but is funny as hell when the bosses aren’t looking.  They also need that one quiet guy who’s got a secret, and never says anything except for when he’s on cam telling about his observations and what his opinions of people are.  Then of course throw in an interesting manager, and some random people jumping in and out of the job, and you’ve got yourself a great show.

2) Sales people: Think “Whale Wars” meets “The Office” meets “Survivor” meets “the apprentice.”  Who will make the most money?  Who is the office sociopath who will destroy anyone in his way of making the sale?  Find antics of these people walking in and out of businesses trying to close deals.  Get them set up with CEO meetings or something and you’ve got yourself a fantastic show.

3) Wal Mart Employees:  Everytime I walk into a Wal-Mart there always seems to be at least one employee that is completely unaware of their surroundings as they hold a can trying to figure out where in the aisle it should go.  Ok I know some of you are thinking “wal mart works very hard to hire people with disabilities.”  I’m not talking about people with disabilities. As a matter of fact I think Wal Mart should get some Nobel business prize for hiring so many disabled people. 

I’m talking about the regular joe who really doesn’t even know why they have a job.  I could probably watch these employees in amusement all day.  I’m sure there’s more that happens at wal mart than I could possibly begin to imagine. Of course not all wal mart employees are bad. And this probably is one of he worse ideas on the list but its exactly that, an idea.

4) Wanna Be Actors: Ok, why hasn’t there been a show about this yet?  Maybe there was a “True Life: I want to be a famous actor” episode but I never saw it.  Actors are some really interesting people.  They are very emotional, highly motivated, artistic thinking people (or at least they like to see themselves that way).  I guess it’s not really cool to see the actors, but maybe see the weird stuff they do to prepare for a role, like roll around in mud to prepare to be a farm animal, or sleep in the globe theatre to prepare for Shakespeare.

5) Boardroom meetings of fortune 500 companies.  Ok this would obviously have to be somewhat scripted or very limited in what they reveal as no major company wants everybody knowing about what’s going on with the company.  Of course things can be edited, and the show can be aired months after it’s been filmed with confidentiality agreements signed.  It would be interesting seeing what kind of heated discussions occur, or if anything useful occurs at all with these meetings.

6) People in Colorado/California who are taking advantage of legalized marijuana:  Obviously this would target a very limited demographic of people.  I personally wouldn’t watch it, but I’m sure a lot of people would.  Think of it as a half an hour round table, where people get stoned and are given a topic to discuss.  Things will become pretty unprofoundly profound.  I.e. they’ll think what they’re saying is brilliant but it’s really pretty meaningless.  Even the film industry can profit off the legalization of this plant.

7) Social Media Public Relations Specialists: I noticed McDonalds apparently has a new position open.  On Facebook they have a guy who specifically replies to every comment people post.  That’s a tough job.  This is like a customer service job on steroids with more rules, and requiring more care.  One wrong word and it’ll probably be spread throughout the world.  Either way, it would be fun listening to them talk about what’s really going on through their head vs. what they’re typing.  Obviously it doesn’t have to be McDonalds.

8) Startup Companies: Maybe this doesn’t even have to be actual reality tv, but fake stories.  Something similar to the Office.  See the drama and arguments that take place between the 20-30 year old CEO’s/CFO’s/CTO’s/<fancytitlehere>/etc…  Watch how they hire, see their thought processes.  I mean this may be useful, some of these companies may very well be very prevalent in the future of America.

9) A highly secretive private family that owns a major private corporation.  Ok considering they’re secretive, keep their lives on the downlow, and like to maintain their privacy, this probably won’t happen.  It would be pretty cool to see what various members of the Wal-Mart family does for fun (Ok well wal mart isn’t private, but MARS is).  Either way I’m sure you get my point.  These are some highly important people in our society who we don’t even know about.

10) People working 3+ jobs: Ok these people are usually hard working.  Or they’re just working 3 jobs at 15 hours per job. Who knows.  The point is to get to know these people, see why they’re doing it, what kind of drama it causes with their families, employers, getting mad at the boss because they couldn’t get time off to work their other shift.  Get their bosses involved and fight over how good of an employee they are.

Either way, maybe all these shows are possibly better for “True Life” MTV episodes, but that is still reality TV nonetheless.

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