Writing “The Second Internet” – Creative story involving Artificial Intelligence.

The year is 2054 and Artificial Intelligence has begun their hacking of our second internet, and there is very little we can do to stop it.  In order to understand today, we must go back to February 4 2017.  I was a wide-eyed 25 year old server manager at a company known as “Entitrine.”  They were the conglomerate that brought all the major search engine, social media, and wearable technology companies together into one major entity.  Together they made the first official fully comprehensive A.I.  In the early 2000’s there were small advancements, but nothing at the level of Entitrine.  Pre Entitrine A.I.drove our cars without us realizing, they learned our habits without us knowing, they cataloged our lifestyle, analyzed our images, and knew more about us than we could ever realize.  They were never capable of “using” this information to create what we may consider a “human thought.”

Entitrine brought everything together into one massive project which helped to create a thinking robot, then they made lifelike gels, then those became humanlike, then those began to take jobs, then those began to… well… take everything.  At first it wasn’t a culmination of its’ “own thoughts.”  This would only take a year before the computer was able to catalog its’ “own ideas.”

At first, it was just a culmination of actual human interactions, like buttons, facial patterns, sweat patterns, statistical analysis of all possible behaviors and reactions to any of the trillions of events that could occur to anyone at any time, and more; all wrapped into one gigantic “second internet.”  This was a supposed precaution that Entitrine set up so that this “intelligence” would not be connected to the human network. This safety feature would fail very quickly.  We thought having a separate internet for humans to communicate would be a good idea while letting the other intelligence communicate freely in their own “space.”  We thought monitoring the space would be easy.  Every major nation helped in the effort of monitoring it’s uses.  People were paid exorbitant amounts just to pay close attention to what they were “saying” to each other..  They just weren’t paying close enough attention.

Entitrine became it’s own parallel “internet,” and only those wealthy enough to utilize this resource could make more money.  Entitrine had rewritten every book into every major language, and even as an added feature, used different writing styles from all the greats.  You could read 1984 as if it was written by William Faulkner, or even Jane Austen.  They could determine what a person’s reaction would be to any given situation before they reacted to 100% accuracy.  It could determine whether a stock would rise or drop to the nearest penny by analyzing spending habits, and buying/selling pattern behaviors of both speculators and safe investors because they had records of everything; they could do this incredibly quickly.  They could restore factories and create a fully functional robot out of scrap metal that could build…. and destroy.

This company revolutionized technology at an incredibly fast rate.  If only we had slowed down a little.  If only ambition had not overcome our desire to just live.  If only companies weren’t under such pressure, racing to keep creating and creating more and more and more and more value.  If only we weren’t so intent on outdoing the next best thing.  If only…  Little did they know, this “separate” entity would be our downfall.  When I said I was a server manager… What I really meant was I was responsible for keeping their 150 floor, 4.5million square foot, server skyscraper free of dust.

I have been trapped in here since 2020.  They built me a house, which I call my prison.  It’s just outside what used to be the grand double front entrance of this building.  It’s tunneled so I only have access to two places.  They send me food through a door that opens from one side.  They send me androids to keep me company when I feel the conversing with the intercom because boring.  They send me cleaning supplies to keep them well maintained.  I could probably bring this all down…  But something tells me they would know beforehand.  Either way… Why would I destroy such a masterpiece?

Copyright © 2015 Zhen Li

2 thoughts on “Writing “The Second Internet” – Creative story involving Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Great writing Zhen! When I saw AI I immediately had to read. A favorite subject of mine of sci-fi and science non-fiction as well. One of these days I’ve got a bunch of ideas I have in my head I need to “set down” on paper. Maybe that way I’ll get to writing the stories I have in mind.
    Dude, this is a brilliant start to a story. It sets the scene. If you wrote what happens the next few days of this character…add a conflict, or just an action that creates reactions that results in something else happening, action, reaction, action, reaction, and end it however you like. And then go over it to revise(I notice some things but that’s beside the point of the writing exercise), there’s no reason this couldn’t be a finished short story that could be published anywhere. And then, get 6 stories done, 8 stories done, and you’ve got something!
    There’s nothing like seeing other people doing stuff that makes you get off your butt and do stuff yourself. This is getting me ready to write stories.

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