Two great books you should read by March 2015

1) The Book Thief: This book has very memorable characters living in WWII Germany.  This is a combination of “The Pianist” meets “Life is Beautiful.”  It’ll open a greater appreciation for books as a source to escape.  This book doesn’t capture the “villainy” of the Nazi party, but moreso captures the tragedies caused by it and how they affected families.  The author utilizes very vivid imagery in order to capture all the moments of the story, and writes it from a very unique point of view making it all that much more exciting to read.  The best part is that, although you basically know what’s going to happen because of the timeline of the story, you are still kept in suspense.  You already know the story will be sad, but there are many moments when you can truly appreciate the true friendship and love in this book.

This story is written in a modern fashion allowing a light read (in terms of language), that’s very touching.

2) This is an incredibly famous book that will completely change your view on the world and government.  This book completely altered how I view every single news article, website, blog post, government story, scientific paper, and media publication out there.  This book will possibly put you into conspiracy theory mode.  It will make you contemplate the world you’re in almost like “The Matrix.”  It will make you wonder about the future, and what is going to become of society.

It makes you ask yourself: I know 2+2=4 because that is what makes sense.  However, the fact that I can freely say 2+2=5 must mean somethingspecial right?  Then again, am I really free to make the assertion that 2+2 actually = 5 and not be shackled by the rules of society?  Does our future lie in our past?  What actually happened in the past?  This book raises so many questions for someone who is really interested in thinking deeply about our life with relation to our governments.  If this was a book about our universe it may as well have been written by Stephen Hawking.  It is THAT deep.

4 thoughts on “Two great books you should read by March 2015

  1. I loved 1984 and haven’t read The Book Thief, though I already bought it and have it nearby. I’ll have to give it a read as soon as I finish what I’m already looking through.


    1. So did 1984 have as much impact on you as it did me? I’m not saying it completely changed my life or anything, but it’s kind of like The Matrix in making you think about life…


  2. Yes, yes and yes! I totally agree that it makes you think about life. It made me wonder about our government and how close we are to 1984’s world (Patriot Act, anyone). I was especially haunted by how the language was slowly being curtailed. As a book lover I was like, “Eep!” I was also really affected by the indoctrination of the children… how they’d tattle on their parents if their parents did anything wrong. There was no sense of family anymore. The book was a great read, but haunting as well.

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