The most beautiful smile I ever saw…

I had just left my place of work off Victoria Street and 29th.  The evening was still warm as the sun began to set beyond the horizon.  Looking into the distance, the sky was a lovely pink hue with delicate clouds lingering shapeless in its’ foreground.  I began making my way through the never-slowing streets toward my bus.  Despite this wonderful painting in our sky by mother nature, these streets never pause to look.  I picked up my pace to keep up with the hustle and bustle.

As I pass through the crowd I try to make some sort of human contact with them.  I even bump into people on purpose hoping that they’ll take notice.  Maybe make eye contact, give a smile, maybe even an angry sneer would make me feel better.  Nothing.  These people are drones I thought.  There is no life among the bodies scurrying around on the sidewalks.  I made it to the bus stop just a moment too late because I paused to enjoy the beautiful sky today.  I had to wait for the next one.

The driver came, just like she was supposed to.  I fed the machine its coinage, then made my way through the mesh of people.  Then suddenly, like a beacon, I saw her.  Just out of arms reach.  Just in view.  How perfectly the people separated themselves, bowing their heads down to look at their phones creating a perfect view.  She didn’t notice me at all, and I only saw the side of her, and her alluring long hair.  Still, I knew. I could tell she was about to leave my life with only a lingering memory.  We swayed as the bus began to move.  I was wondering when she would finally turn.  I knew she would, but I didn’t know when.  I didn’t dare blink.

The dreaded announcement of her stop had sounded over the intercom.  Finally, she slowly pressed her hair behind her ear as she prepared to leave.  The heads of the lifeless bodies were still sunken in their phones.  She turned to me.  Her captivating gaze met mine, her lips and eyes moved, she smiled a beautiful smile, and it made me feel alive.  I was enamored.  My hands trembled as I lost control of my fleshy mask, and smiled back.  I was no longer a drone for a brief moment.  I wish it could have been longer.

For these seconds, we weren’t two people in a steel box.  We were two bright wisp-like souls in an empty space meeting for the first, and last time.  This connection was special.  Hugs and handshakes are physical, but this was much deeper.  My lips moved to say something, but there was nothing.  I wanted to say “please let me see you again,” but I knew a moment like this was better just as a memory.  By this time the door had stood open, and she lingered for a moment smiling the most beautiful smile I ever saw… then she was gone.

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One thought on “The most beautiful smile I ever saw…

  1. Awesome. Reminds me of riding the bus in Chicago all those many years ago while in college. Brought back memories of that experience. I never had an experience like the one above. You notice the people riding with you, but there was never a beautiful woman who’s smile could touch the heart.

    It really sets the mood beautiful in the beginning. People indifferent to their surroundings, in their own worlds, passing by, getting from point A to point B. etc. A character alive to the feelings of existence and the beauty surrounding him. Details like the swaying of the bus brought back memories. This was before iPhones, the most anyone would have had was a Sony Walkman, pretty funny to think that I lived and grew up in a different “era” from today. And yet so much, luckily the beauty of the world, has stayed the same. Just the other day I was noticing a pink sunset like the one described above.

    This kind of prose really makes the “movies of the mind” come true. It stimulates memories of past experiences in the reader.

    Very awesome writing!

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