On a Roll!

I could probably give ten ideas that would make for unique short films themes set in South Florida.   And the thing is, it doesn’t matter if anyone reads or copies these, because it’s going to be their own unique story and vision.

1.   South Florida as Vacation spot –

The out of towner who discovers the culture, or something much worse.

2.   The Transplant

The person who brings their own culture and way of being to South Florida and it’s diverse cultures.  Common humanity right there.

3.    Horror/Thriller

Evil exists.   The form of ghosts, the criminally insane, or as close as family.

4.    Love Story

Beaches.  House Music.  Summer 12 months of the year.  (Hurricanes for 6)  I mentioned Beaches and House Music, didn’t I?  Not Dutch House.  either.  I mean do your thing, just…you know what I’m saying.

5.    Trying to think of 5 more Ideas

Because isn’t life always like this…..there’s a deadline, you still have work to do.  Will our hero (male or female) succeed or fail??  What does Success mean, and what does it mean when they achieve it?

6.    Being who you are and being loved for it.

See, fake it till you make it.  Or be true to yourself, and you’ll find your happiness.

7.   What, someone is Happy?  Jealousy!!

No I’m not making this up as I go along.   It took years to get to that point in life.  And there are still people scheming and it doesn’t look well.

8.    First World Problems

First World problems.  I’d rather go for everyday people’s problems.  Jay-Z had 99 Problems, so there’s 99 Ideas right there.  I could end the list right now, but I’ll continue.

9.   Things Just got Real

Yup.  Human nature and its best, it worst, and everything in-between.  We’re not talking acting.  We’re talking real emotions.  Sh&t gets loud.   And argument means argument

10.   Film Noir

Always a good choice.   Whatever the not quite legal thing is….someone is doing it.  Possibilities:  Good Guy, Bad Girl, Bad Guy, Good Girl, Bad Guy, Bad Girl,

11.  Modern Life and it’s Stresses.  (Lets Keep going.)     Some people cope better than others.   Actions and consequences.   Again, the good and the bad.  There are good choices and bad choices too.

I didn’t even get to Mental Health that was meant to be the previous Idea.  Well, for another time.

1 e & a    2 e & a     3 e & a     4 e & that’s a Wrap, People!

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