Good Food and Good TV

I didn’t get to this first paragraph easily.  Not until writing halfway, then realized, what picture emerged.  It was of a Chinese Opera with a scholar as the main character.   I already talked about the Chinese movie industry and how they know moviemaking.  from the 80s to today.  But their tradition of the arts has been rich in poetry, theater, and music.  I remember a Chinese opera called “The Peony Pavilion” with the main character being a scholar.  China values it’s scholars, historically.   Confucius being China’s most well-known.  Every kingdom had it’s scholar class that were key in crafting the best government policies possible.

It’s all relative, as here in America the only place for “scholars” is TV.  You have The Big Bang Theory on its 7th season and being one of the most popular sitcoms ever.   Its still a rare and only recent phenomenon.  It doesn’t even matter.   A blog post is different than a scholarly essay.  I have a thing for scholarly essays.

So many good movies I need to see but haven’t.  I know they’ll be good.  And they’ll be different from what I consider 5 stars, but they’re still not to be missed.  And yet I still have my own style, which is just elements from other movies.  Copying really.  Nothing original.   Based on Chinese films.  Sometimes philosophical, sometimes emotional, sometimes love stories, sometimes funny as hell, sometimes epic, sometimes all within a single movie.  Tsui Hark does this well.

Eating Chinese at an authentic Chinese restaurant.  There’s Xie Xie, Duo Xie.  Duo Xie, “Many Thanks, obviously is Many, more than a few.  If it’s more than a few, and there definitely is, the word Many is needed.   And I’ve learned jus a handful of words.  Too little for a conversation, but enough to appreciate and want to learn more.  Even if I Just like after a Chinese meal, some good conversation over some good food.  The movies are the same way.   And just like regional variations and the uniqueness of Chinese food, so too are Chinese movies unique in character, style, flavor, taste.

Any movie, any character.  So many stories.  Small moments.  Big moments.   You could go crazy wondering where to begin.  As a Chinese scholar said, paraphrasing: “A great journey begins with a single step.”

In the tradition of Western Painting, an artist would begin as an apprentice to an established artist.  The apprentice would work int he studio of the artist, learning, painting small segments of paintings, a figure here, a figure there.  Eventually apprentices have their own studios and are being commissioned by private citizens to paint their portraits and by churches to paint religious paintings.  In the tradition of the sciences, there is a body of knowledge that is added to as generations of scientists and scholars discover more about the world we live in.

The myth of individual genius is only partly true: Yes, each great artist had something that made them who they were and they achieved great things.  But they lived within a society, learned from others, worked and lived with others.  Movies and TVs are a team effort.   The best directors of 20th century films worked with great writers, cameramen, and editors.  They didn’t write the screenplays for the movies they directed.  Most movies today are adaptations of books or comic-books.  That is Hollywood.   TV usually can give more depth.  This year’s academy Awards will be a lot like last year’s Academy Awards, all the best and all the worst and everything in-between.

Meanwhile, as I type this I’ve lost track of time….where did it go again? there it is on the wall…no, not that picture of mountains……..and I’m probably missing some good TV.     Every blog a short film.  Every blog a TV episode.  Used to be books, magazines and newspapers.   Still is.

Well… tomorrow is another day.   In the bustling cities, old traditions and philosophies, Feng Shui, the wind will be blowing, water will be water.   The earth will be the earth.   Heaven, Earth, and Humanity.   (In that order for a reason. though I’d need a wiser person to explain it.)

No need to stress myself out.  tomorrow is another day.

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