Brad Pitt: $240m, Mona Lisa: $768m, Harry Potter: $15b. Music by the Beatles, priceless.

Cover of Life Magazine, September 13, 1968 with The Beatles.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the Beatles, but I know the power that their music had.  How they affected an entire generation of people.  How they altered the music industry.  How they created so many iconic moments throughout the world.  How they changed history.  I realized this all today when I read this article about Sony not selling their rights to songs by the Beatles.

Now I am not saying that the Beatles can’t be bought.  In the business world, everything can be bought (heck maybe even in life but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion), but the price is probably so high, and difficult to valuate that this is one of the few things that should be labeled priceless.  Great call by Mr. Lynton.  He must have really planned for the future of the company when making this decision, as it’ll probably be worth more and more every year that the Beatles brand gets to mature.

Also an incredible decision by the company on Taylor Swift.  It is way too soon to start transferring her songs.  She is America’s sweetheart, America’s princess.  She’s who we would like our daughters to look up to.  She’s a powerful, opinionated, talented, and beautiful woman, who’s still growing up,  and has had lots of relationship stories to tell, but she does it with so much class.  Still very young though with lots of story to be told.

Sony is definitely going to stand the test of time with these powerful assets.

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One thought on “Brad Pitt: $240m, Mona Lisa: $768m, Harry Potter: $15b. Music by the Beatles, priceless.

  1. Their music did effect/affect an entire generation. And then a generation after. I myself grew up listening to a radio program inn the car with my Mom on Sunday mornings called “Breakfast with the Beatles.” I was just good music to listen to. And then when I got older can really got into music and Hard Cok, classic rock, 60s music, everything else, it was The Beatles I listened to and their songs, among others, that I learned to play on my guitar.

    And so the music effects one generations, then the next, and the next generation listens to it as well. How many generations will it go? Staying power? How many albums, how many units will sell each generation? When sales wane, maybe Sony sells it, but has in the meantime sold millions of more units.

    But odds are, this is Mozart and Beethoven we’re talking about. If not those two, than any of the greats of classical music who came after, (or before). There are at least a dozen classical composers you could list whose music will be timeless, as it has been for hundreds of years. And there are a dozen more who have produced music of equal quality,with their own uniqueness. And a dozen more besides.

    So in Western Pop music of the 20th century, The Beatles have to be in the Top Ten. The magical part is music written and recorded half a century ago will appeal to more and future generations to come.


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