Animal activism is a luxury.

Dog in a Shelter

Here in the USA, and probably in many other modernized first world countries, we love our pets.  We feed them steaks, provide them with peticures, shower them with toys, and love them as family members.  We look down upon those who treat animals poorly, and we actively try to fight for their rights whether they’re a circus performance animal, or a pit-bull that had a rough life who just needs proper training.  We do our best to convince major corporations to stop slaughtering them for food, and feel sad when we see a dog that’s underfed.

Then, we take a look at countries like China (and probably many others, but my main experience is from China so lets stick with what I kinda know) who, while they may have a few animal activists, don’t seem to feel as strongly about it as Americans.  Why I thought?  Why does it seem that many Chinese people don’t even blink when they see an animal being killed in a butcher shop, or see a bunch of them just being piled up in terrible environments before they’re cruelly slain, and given as food.  Why don’t they have Animal Activism?

Then it hit me.  China really doesn’t even have all of their Human Rights together.  They need human rights activists, not animal activists, but the problem with that is you can’t even be a human activist in China without putting yourself at risk.  How can they start worrying about protecting farm animals when they have to worry about not saying the wrong thing so that the government doesn’t take away their homes?

In conclusion, as Americans, we have the joy of being able to focus our attention on helping animals because we have freedom from oppression, and don’t need to worry about the government just up and taking our homes for saying the wrong thing on the internet.  The next time you watch a cute puppy video, or share a post about ending animal testing, don’t take it for granted.  It’s a luxury cause that we get to take part in.

Image Source: – Found using “free to share and use commercially” option.

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