Award for coolest CEO right now goes to Mr. 平井 一夫(Kazuo Hirai) san.

Sony CEO Hirai 平井

First off, all the people who voted Mr. Hirai San in basically picked someone who had Sony CEO written on his birth certificate.  A person who dedicated his life to this company.  Very admirable.  His look just shouts “CEO of a Japanese multinational conglomerate.”

So he fits the part, what makes him cool?  In light of all the things going on with Sony: e-mail leaks, hackers, movie delays, stiff competition, this CEO just keeps saying “press forward, screw Korea, they got nothin.”  Not only that but I wouldn’t be surprised if Japan asked for help from CEO’s of major companies like Sony to find a solution for their rapidly decaying civilization.  They have too many old people, and not enough young people making babies.  That’s got to put huge pressures on him when it comes to hiring over there.  Can you picture that?  A civilization facing a huge dying population issue, and you’re probably right in the center of it because you are one of the civilizations major organizations.  Of course I’m speculating on that, but there’s got to be some impact from that on him.

With all of that said, let’s talk about what he was given, and what he needs to carry out.  According to his wikipedia bio, having been with the company since the 80s, he definitely lived through Sony’s major glory days in the 90s and some parts of the 21st century, although they haven’t hit those highs yet.  The board of directors basically said to him “hey man, you know what the company was like in it’s greatest years…  We have never had another period like the glory days… Can you bring it back,” and Hirai san went ahead and accepted the challenge.  But there’s a catch, your competitors Samsung, Microsoft, Panasonic, are all 10x more powerful than they were, and now there’s even more competition.  As the CEO candidate, he basically had to say “Yes I can, and yes I sure as hell will.”  Anyone with even the slightest doubt in their mind wouldn’t have made it that far.  Tons of respect for that.  That’s like your families’ house getting knocked down, and then being asked to rebuild it with the tools that are left in the crumbled garage during a hurricane.

Hat’s off to Mr. Hirai.  Sony definitely has a great biopic worth watching on their hands while Mr. Hirai san cranks up the heat on his vision for the company.  With all that’s going on now, his leadership is really being tested, and it’s definitely worth following.

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One thought on “Award for coolest CEO right now goes to Mr. 平井 一夫(Kazuo Hirai) san.

  1. Sony is like one of those companies that lasts forever, like General Electric or Ford. Japan has all the history, culture, and spirit to keep Sony successful. They have more than enough to be proud of, history, culture, and spirit, to keep themselves going without even caring about the competition.

    At the end of the day, they can be proud of their own accomplishments. Ad even if they are not #1 but #2 at one particular thing, that’s ok too. They are doing too much and have so many different products they are selling to the world. Its actually staggering.

    They are lucky they can look at the 90s and say “We did this before” we are capable of great things! Currently the Playstation 4 and the ad campaign has set up the mindset for the future with the slogan for the Playstation brand being “Greatness awaits.” For the players of video games, video game stories are all about epic adventures and epic heroes. There are also the everyman (and everywoman) heroes, too.

    Some of the best games of 2014 were Japanese. 2015 will be the same. There are beloved series that have sequels coming that will be continuing a great tradition in video-games. Its only coincidental that the 90s happened to be a great decade for video-games, and players look at the 90s rightfully with nostalgia, playing games that have stood the test of time. And to genres that flourished then and classic games that were n the pinnacle of creativity and possibility.

    Maybe the 90s were the Beethoven. And after Beethoven’s amazing work the question was “what now?” That answer was to continue to create beautiful, thoughtful music. Beethoven showed what was possible. Music was never the same. While the 21st century will create its unique stories and products, it was the 90s and even 2000s that showed what is possible. (Add the 70s, and 80s to that as well if you like, and the 50s, 40s, 30s, 20s. OK, just throw in all of human history.


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