“To go or not to go, that is the question.”


Random writing prompt from dailyteachingtools utilizing a RNG “Write about going back to school after summer vacation.”  I couldn’t think of my own made up prompt so I decided to rewrite Hamlet’s famous monologue.

To go or not to go,

That is the question.

Whether tis better for me

to suffer the alarms and yells in the morning, of clocks and mothers

or… to fake sick with my parents and by lying, end them.

To fake, to go… no more!

And by going, to say we study and write and learn the hundreds of facts and ideas we think are useless.

Tis some information that may be beneficial

TO fake…. TO go. Ayyy

There’s the kicker.

For in that school of boredom, what knowledge may come

when we enter the classroom…

must make me consider…

That’s why my parents respect teachers…

For who would bear the life of a dead end job,

having to deal with lame bosses,

or missing out on seeing that pretty girl I like.

Corporations create obstacles for employment without proper education

and the world takes advantage of those without…

when they may be.. just as capable.. with their bare hands.

Who else would bear heavy manual labor,

to groan and sweat in a difficult job…

but there… the dread of school after summer.

makes me want to stay home, and play hookie,

than bus to school and learn from teachers that I know not well

thus… school does make procrastinators of us all

and thus… the pattern of the alarm clock sounds has been halted with snooze

and the institutions of learning, with this regard… will have to wait

quick pretend you’re sick.  “hey mom, I’m not feeling so well.”

Featured Image Source: http://bearsenglishpage2011-2012.wikispaces.com/Evan+Smith found using Bing.com’s “free to share and use commercially” option.

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