My life as fresh fruit.


(I am writing this because I found a list of 100 topics to write about and used an RNG to pick the number which led to the prompt on fresh fruit via redravine).

The farm was lush and bright during the day, with just enough wind to dance and play with my friends.  We always had the nutrients we needed, we never fought for sunlight, and we had water even on days when there were no clouds.  On occasion we would lose friends due to those terrible creatures that invaded our homes once in a while.  It was so sad to see because we were so defenseless.  Neighbors would fall from their stalks just to escape the fate of being eating.  They would lay there on the ground for all to see as they quickly decayed.  It was a sad sight that we became numb to, but somehow it felt like they had become part of us.

That was many suns ago.  Since then I have traveled, most of it in darkness.  However, a new world came to light when we were released.  We were packed in huge masses, and quite uncomfortable.  Eventually the doors opened and we were in front of something that read “MARKET.”  I saw the symbols but I never could fathom the meaning besides the fact that we were all piled on top of cold pallets.

Unbeknownst, this location would be where our friends and family would be separated.  We would be taken 1 by 1, 2 by 2, sometimes these creatures would grab an entire pallet.  I was the last remaining one, and sadly never saw any of the others again.  I was picked up and tossed.  Apparently I was no longer fresh.

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