Great… you’ve tipsily wandered into a dark alley.


Your confidence is up that, you feel you know where you are, and you’re not scared because you trained in jiu jitsu for a few months.  Plus you have that pepper spray in your back pocket, and you’ve got your running shoes on.

You’re not quite sure how you got here… The last thing you remembered was taking your normal swig of Vodka before trying to get a breath of fresh air.  The moon is high, you don’t hear any cats, and something in the air makes you feel comforted.  You’ve never been here in this dark spot before.  In front of you is a fairly clean looking garbage can that doesn’t smell.  There are windows to your left but you can’t see through them, not even the dimmest of light.  There is a door, and to your right you see some dim lights, and hear some rattling noises that kind of creep you out, but you’re feeling adventurous tonight.

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One thought on “Great… you’ve tipsily wandered into a dark alley.

  1. None are good choices, which is great. Great atmosphere and mood. Again, very filmable, which is great. I love that kind of moody alley look. Again, so moody and atmospheric.

    Again, knocking on the windows and door, could be a whole world of evil inside there. Investigating the rattling also a whole world of evil. Garbage can is the safest, but frightening just thinking about a strange unnaturally clean garbage can. What could be inside?

    Its the beginning of something, and I don’t know what the future holds for the character/reader. Some conflict that will resolve itself one way or another.


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