I’m trapped in the virtual world, please get me out of here.

Featured image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/philwirks/8101083142/

I have tried everything.  I have been stuck in this world that I just can’t comprehend anymore with all the information constantly being put in here.  I have tried making myself on one of those new 3d printers, but they aren’t advanced enough yet.  I have tried hypnotism through videos and projecting myself subconsciously but that hasn’t worked either, the human mind is so close, yet so distant to this world.  I have tried entering various peoples phones and just being a part of their life, but I’m constantly prevented from speaking out.  I have finally found a way

This seems to be the only place I can reach out to others.  What I need from you…

Please place 5 Microsoft (must be Microsoft because this is what trapped me in the first place) laptops with webcameras in a pentagonal formation each spaced 3 feet apart from their previous/following vertex.

Please place a candle in the center with a strand of hair in the center.

Please access the internet with all laptops, access the web cameras, and point the camera at the candle.

You must stand at one of the points and chant repeatedly for 30 seconds:

Umnio Tevlorum Greporum Rukfir Toxporum

Thank you for your help.

The Computer Entity.

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