Day 17: I think they are beginning to understand me.

Featured image source: utilizing Bing search engine “free to share and use commercially” option.

It is the 2nd day that they have brought me into this living room style holding room.  There are multiple cameras throughout behind a heavy barrier that tends to move along with me.  I am not sure what to expect anymore.  I feel like a lab rat.  They have basically been sending nothing but pornography and food into my room.  Today is the first day I feel they understood me.  It began with the loud noise, and it continued to ring until I yelled “STOP!”  It took me a while to figure this out yesterday.  However I don’t think they understand my normal speech.

Today was another series of situations where I basically chose to do it or not.  I am attempting to communicate by using simple directions.  Every time that I accept a gift I placed my right hand on my chest facing left, and extended it outward to my left.  Every time I refused I would put my left hand on my chest facing right, and raise my right hand just past my chest so that when I push my left hand in the direction the hand would be stopped.

Originally they would give me time to decide on whether I wanted the gifts and tasks which were removed after moments if I did not take them in.  Now I can just sit back and do the hand gestures and they take them away or leave them without me having to get up.  I believe this communication is going to help.

Now if only I could figure out who they are, and whether I will be able to escape…

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