Why do people think being a CEO is so easy?

Some random guy made this photo that got some shares on Facebook.  I’m not sure why they thought CEO is an easy role.

Being a CEO probably really isn’t that easy.  First of all, the usual definition of pyramid scheme is based on a cascading transfer of money between “employees” trying to get money from hiring more employees.  It’s a bit different, yes companies do seem like pyramid schemes but then everything in a world is a pyramid scheme, military, governments, etc… with cascading leadership including the “dream” this guy wants to build.  They don’t even understand what a real pyramid scheme is… by business definition.

Let’s say it is a triangle scheme though.  If you take this to another level, you’ll have the Board of Directors as a HUGE group of REALLY important people, ABOVE the CEO who he/she has to “balance” on that one little point, then you have investors on top of the Board of Directors (who are just as important as the board, plus the owners of the company probably if it’s privately owned…) Imagine being the CEO for the Mars chocolate company and the extremely rich, powerful, and private owners who most people have probably never even seen are there watching your every move. Then you have all the customers of your business. If anything it’s like two pyramids stacked on top of the other and the CEO is in the center is desperately trying to maintain a fine equilibrium between the company and the rest of the world without letting it collapse.

Not only that but you have to worry about every guy/woman below you trying to take your spot and ruin you with any wrong move, and take your dream from you all because you “made it.”  Keep in mind you also probably have a very high living expense, and by the time you reach the level of the CEO, if you lose the job you’ll probably be screwed, but hopefully you would have had good enough financial management and assets and securities that will help you maintain the living style.

In conclusion, the guy who made this image who thinks he can just be a major CEO of a huge business reality check.

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