My first short film production, and the most stressful 48 hours…

Arguing writers, multiple directors with their own visions, really distant filming locations (30-40 miles apart), friends involving friends, paperwork, costs, and etc… All part of making a movie for the 48 Hour Film Project; Bing it if you don’t know what that is.  Regardless it was an extremely eye opening experience into the business of movie production on a budget and a very narrow time schedule.  What started off as a weekend that was supposed to be pure excitement turned out to be one that should have been more expected.  A chaotic mesh of a bunch of newbie filmmakers trying to create something wonderful.

This project also taught me a few important lessons.

1) Involving money in something that’s supposed to be fun makes it no longer fun for the person most involved.

2) Don’t let 10 people from all completely different backgrounds who don’t know each other, try to collaboratively write a romance story in a narrow time span of less than 8 hours.  It will be extremely difficult.

3) People seem to be uncomfortable with the idea of romance, even women.  Or at least coming up with a mushy story.

4) Division of labor, division of labor, division of labor.  Now in filmmaking this is probably disputable, since you have actor/director/producer titles all the time, but I’m sure even they can agree that it was important to separate some duties a lot of times.  I realized even more about this after I partially managed a musical for a small theatre company.  Let the director direct, and just follow his vision.  Give input, but trying to change things can make things hectic for no reason.

5) There are people who really don’t mind putting in money to make things work if they’re involved.

6) It’s the most fun you never want to have again, or at least you’ll want to be more well prepared, or have someone else do all the hard stuff.

2 thoughts on “My first short film production, and the most stressful 48 hours…

    1. It was intense, non-stop. I got some sleep but that was only because the editor really wanted to focus on everything himself. Really great experience once we had the completed project.


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