Modern hieroglyphics, and the closing of the communication barrier.


Thumbs up on Facebook, a picture of a house for home on our browsers, the global symbol for “menu” represented by three horizontal lines, a recognizable camera for Instagram: all modern hieroglyphics.  I noticed this on a box for a printer the other day, and I think it’s pretty great how the world can communicate so well with just pictures.  Sure some pictures may not be completely understandable, as I had a difficult time figuring out the second one, but many of these symbols are so easily recognizable.

Discussions about how advanced the Egyptians were always rise on the discovery channel, whether they’re talking about aliens building pyramids or just an enormous slave labor force are always interesting.  Perhaps we don’t necessarily need words to communicate some of the most important things in life.  Pictures of a puppy, a red X, or thumbs up probably elicit the same responses in most situations.

Regardless, even more incredible is how fast Google and other translators are being updated with voice.  In the past, you could barely speak the word “hello” into a phone without it misinterpreting.  Now you can have very basic and accurate conversations with people from other countries fairly easy with the translator programs out there.  Good job Google.

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