How To Direct Purchase/Buy Shares of General Electric Stock. (GE)

This information is relevant as of 10/28/2014


Scavenging for sources on “how to make money,” “how to invest,” “what stocks to buy,” etc… one will find link after link of great advice and suggestions.  However, I have not found a resource that tells you exactly how to do it, step by step for those that don’t even know how to get started.

**DISCLAIMER: I am not a certified financial adviser, nor am I license, and I can not be held accountable for any losses that may be accrued if stock is purchased.


This is not the who, what, where, when, and why you should buy GE or any stock for that matter.  It is simply the HOW.  For all that information, it’s best if you do your own research.  I am simply going to share how to only buy shares of GE stock.  AGAIN – I am not saying you SHOULD BUY GE, or that it is a GREAT stock.  ALSO, there are many other websites and ways to purchase shares of General Electric or other stocks for that matter.  I am merely showing one way.  So, to get straight to business, here we go.


STEP 1: Check your bank account – You should have at least 500$ on top of your minimum.  I am not responsible for overdraft fees.  You will probably not use all of it unless you want to.  But also remember there are fees included.

STEP 2: Visit

STEP 3: On the right hand side, click on “Buy Stock Direct.” Capture

STEP 4: In the box where it says “Company Name” please type “General Electric.” GE2


STEP 5:  On the next page that should look like this, please click: “Buy Now.”  Don’t worry you haven’t given any bank information yet, so they can’t charge you yet…  Also a DSPP is a “Direct Stock Purchase Plan.”  Simply Google it if you want to know what it means.  Also MAKE SURE YOU VIEW THE PLAN SUMMARY SO THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THE FEES. YES THERE ARE FEES ON TOP OF THE $250.00 MINIMUM.  Please check your bank account to see if you will have adequate funds.  Please do the math accordingly.GE3  GE10  Depending on how much GE stock is worth at the time you view this, your prices may go up or down according to the “sale fee per share.”  Again I am not going into the W’s of stock buying.


STEP 6:  If you are an Existing User you shouldn’t need this. We will assume you are a NEW USER, So please click “Buy Now” under New User. GE4

STEP 7: Registration Details:  PLEASE FILL OUT ALL NECESSARY INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE. GE5This is all very important.  I am not going to go over each line.

STEP 8: Purchase Options:  GE6If you are new to this, I suggest clicking the box that says One-time investment.  Since the minimum purchase amount is $250.00, you must put an amount >= 250.  Please read everything carefully.  Yes this will take money out of your bank account.  This is not pretend.  If you put anything under recurring investment, they will continue to take money from your bank account.


STEP 9: Bank Details: On this page you must enter all the relevant information to your bank.  Yes this is the account they will take money out of so please make sure you have sufficient funds.  GE7

STEP 10: Dividend Reinvestment Options.  Now the only thing I feel may need an explanation here is “Dividend,” so please go to and type in “what is a stock dividend.”  Basically click Full Dividend Reinvestment, if you want to use the dividends to “reinvest” and buy more stock without you having to do anything.  Or Partial, which means some of it is given back to you, and some is reinvested, or ALL dividends paid in cash which they basically put the dividends back in your pocket rather than the company.  Feel free to pick what you want.  I am not here to tell you what to do, only how you can do it.GE9  WARNING: THE NEXT PAGE WHEN YOU CLICK NEXT WILL BRING YOU TO THE CONFIRMATION SUBMIT LINK.  IT SIMPLY VERIFIES ALL THE INFORMATION YOU HAVE INCLUDED.  IF YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO MAKE THE PURCHASES FEEL FREE TO CONTINUE.  IF NOT, THEN THANK YOU FOR READING THIS BLOG.


STEP 11: WARNING*** DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU WANT TO PURCHASE SHARES OF THIS STOCK.  HOWEVER, if you do click submit, then you have just successfully purchased shares of General Electric stock.  Congratulations.





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