Blog more, edit more, write less (unless it’s fiction).

It’s New Years Resolution time, which means it’s time to change something you could have done months ago.  Ok, wait, that’s somewhat cynical.  Sometimes people just don’t have a moment to really reflect until this time of year.  Another way you could see it is the time of year to have the courage to find flaws in yourself, and work on improving them.  Recently I found a flaw in many of my posts: overwriting.  After doing some research, I came to the conclusion overwriting in my blog posts is an egotistical habit.  I found that I would write so much about a topic because I thought I knew it all, and I wanted the reader to think I knew it all.  I would overwrite because I believed all my thoughts were important to the reader, and they aren’t.  Descriptive posts are best left for fiction, and if it’s not fiction then where does it leave the reader to question your points and ideas?

I will continue to try and blog more to broaden my audience.  I will try to make my posts shorter with less descriptions unless I write a fiction. 

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