January 1st, 2013….

Let me first start off by saying that I am generally against so called “New Years Resolutions.”  I believe it creates a period of laziness for way too many people from the months of October-December.  How many times do you hear “Oh New Years is only two months away, let me wait until then to quit smoking, start working out, find a new job, or start a new project.”  If I’m going to set a goal, it’s probably not going to make it easier if I put it off a few days/weeks/months, unless it’s something like “kiss a random stranger at the stroke of midnight.”  Even with that I’d probably enjoy it more if I started right away.

With that said, I understand why some people do need to wait until New Years.  Sometimes it’s good to have a set a time period for your goals.  Sometimes it’s good to just have a break from whatever busy life a person may lead.  Sometimes people just aren’t motivated at the present.  Sometimes people just don’t have the time or energy currently to begin their next project, and planning for New Years is very convenient.  Sometimes habits are hard too break (smoking, drinking, etc…), and you just can’t break them right away.  Everyone has their own story, and while most of these are often just “good excuses” I can see why people would wait until 01/01.  I just want readers to be motivated to take action whenever they can, but also to reflect, realizing that time is precious, and you don’t know what will happen if you wait until January 1st.

With all of that said, this year I came up with a resolution I feel I have to share.  I didn’t plan weeks ahead, or months ahead, but actually right around New Years when I was reading all my friends Facebook statuses like “hittin the gym hard in ’13” or “i dont have a resolution” or “hopefully i win the lottery” or “last year my resolution to not drink alcohol only lasted 2 days, lets see how long it lasts this year hahalololomg #partyprobz #frathard.”  This was a task that I felt could make just about any moment of my life better if I did it.  My resolution was simply to take deeper breaths.  Now most of us don’t really think about our breathing status, but in random fleeting moments when I’m very bored, I’ll notice that my breathing is very shallow.  Just enough to keep me alive.

Why did I feel this was a goal worth accomplishing?  Besides the fact that I need oxygen to survive, it was because of the underlying meaning I created for myself.  Every time I remember this resolution, I do it.  I remember that I made it to appreciate the simpler things in life, and the fact that deep breaths are physiologically relaxing, unless of course you’re underwater.  This resolution is especially good when I’m feeling bogged down, and everything is acting on Murphys Law.  I just take my deep breathe, or 20, relax, and reflect on the bright side of things.  Sure, my problems don’t just go away in an instant, but it is a moment of needed relief in a moment that floods my body with energy.  On top of all that it is also a fun conversation piece that may often seem insightful:

“What was your New Years resolution?”

“Oh to take deeper breaths.”

“Hahaha what?”

Go ahead.  Try it now.  Take a nice slow deep breathe right now, and whenever you remember this post from now on.  See if it makes your day better.

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