The ad for the new Chanel PREMIÈRE watch is a marketing masterpiece.

This is not an opinion about the watch itself; I prefer to let the consumer be the judge of that.  I am merely talking about how the video itself is a work of art, and how it is incredible marketing.  I will try not bore anyone by capturing every fleeting second of the video, but I do try to capture aspects that make this a great video.  Let us take a timeless journey into the world of the Première…

First, the video begins with a beautifully captured aerial view directly above La Place Vendôme in Paris (which I learned was one of the inspirations for the design of this watch but I won’t go too much into these details since this post is not about the watch itself), and its’ surrounding buildings.  As it zooms out of this black and white, timeless image, your attention is drawn by a dazzling sound so reminiscent of “time itself.”  The symbolism of the precious seconds in our lives are captured from the moment the video begins both in sound, and in imagery.

Suddenly, a switch to contemporary scenes full of vivid HD colors, present the watch itself in real time.  Perhaps an indication of technology, and how the world changes.  From this moment on, La Prèmiere begins to capture your attention on many wrists in fleeting motion worn by a variety of women.  This video does not create an over-dramatized slow-mo presentation of the watch itself, or a closeup of the interior craftsmanship.  It shows the watch as the ladies make their way around Paris (again representing how time does not stop for anyone).  Rarely in real life is a person going to stop long enough for anyone who passes by to take a good look at a watch, unless of course, they ask.  I feel capturing the watch in this fashion is brilliant.  Whether you’re waving down a taxi, calling over your waiter, painting on a canvas, or grocery shopping for your home, this watch looks “stylish” while you’re doing it.  What is important here, is that the watch is captured in everyday fashion, not some fantasy black and white world that snows glitter as a man with a deep voice whispers nonsense out of nowhere while an extremely beautiful woman walks down a mysterious dark alleyway.

Now I’m sure it would be pointless to discuss how all the outfits themselves are “modern, chic, and go well together” simply because that’s exactly what a few people probably got paid to do: put together outfits that are “modern, chic, and go well together.”  However, I want to continue with the fashion in which the watch is captured.  Whether rain, or shine, on a date, or on your way to the gym, you are given the opportunity to picture yourself with this wonderful piece of jewelry on.  In this video, as far as I know, all these women are beautiful, yet not a single face has been shown.  In terms of marketing “Chanel,” this is well planned because it shows that all women can be beautiful if they take the time to put themselves together with the right colors, makeup, haircut, and outfits.  What a great way to promote their products in the video.  Again I am not saying Chanel does or doesn’t do this better than any other designer out there, but this just so happens to be one of their videos, and the video design team deserves some credit.

Finally I want to talk about the music.  As I initially said, the video begins with a sound that immediately makes you feel a change in time.  Maybe even a sense of fading in and out of a dream-like state.  From then on the upbeat music creates a sense of urgency (as time is precious) yet still in pace with everyday life.  The rhythm and timing of the music just go so well with every movement, and scene change.   Listening carefully you’ll hear whistles, a woman hailing a taxi, indiscernible gossip, and light giggles representative of active women.  Again, like the elegant simplicity of the videos images, the music is light, yet meaningful.  The score finally ends with a light “ding” that we’re so used to hearing when something is ready (or finished), capturing the final moments of the video.

All of these characteristics work so well together to truly capture the audience that Chanel is catered to, and beyond.  This video gets straight to the point, and is not overly surreal, a contrast to what many fashion promoting commercials do.  There is no false fantasy realm that you enter while watching the video.  Beauty in simplicity.

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