Deactivating and staying off Facebook is fairly difficult…

My Facebook has been deactivated for less than 24 hours, and I have already accidentally signed in twice (reactivating it then deactivating it again), spoke to someone who asked me to follow someone on Facebook, had three statuses I wanted to share, and multiple people I’ve wanted to communicate with through the impossible to stay away from website.

I decided on a whim to deactivate my Facebook.  It wasn’t because I felt I was being unproductive (although countless numbers of hours of my life have been wasted), it wasn’t because I thought someone was going to see my Facebook, or even because I wanted to challenge myself.  It was simply for no reason other than to stop using it and see what happens.

Will I miss people that I never really talked to?  Will people even notice?  Will I be forgotten from the world wide web?  Who will I get to share funny stories with?  Can I feed my ego in other ways besides getting “likes” on one of my statuses?  Will I be more productive?  Will everything be deleted one day?  Can people still find me or does it just come up as deactivated?

I barely remember what my life was like before this world-changing website.  I do remember spending lots of time on the computer, using programs like AIM to communicate with people, but nothing could compare to instant Facebook messaging.  I could block out anyone I did not know, and choose who I wanted to share with.

I guess I will probably blog more now, but that means that I have to actually write more in depth posts.  I was never much for twitter since I don’t like posting things 5 times a day like “shopaholic status #problemz #status #news #cool #holic #lololololol #tweetmeback” that are meaningless.  I enjoyed facebook because I could post simple things that I thought might be of importance.

I then wonder, who really uses Facebook?  Surely no one really that important.  Barack Obama sure as heck probably wouldn’t add me, I don’t like politics anyways.  I would love to be Gisele Bundchens facebook friend, but let’s be real, there is someone getting paid to handle the facebook of anyone famous; let’s be real I probably won’t ever get within five feet of that Goddess.  It would be cool to be able to chat with Norman Reedus about his latest roles but come on, he’s probably too busy to be talking to random dudes.

Anyways we’ll see how long this lasts, and see if it affects me in anyway.  Anyone else ever deactivate their Facebook?

3 thoughts on “Deactivating and staying off Facebook is fairly difficult…

    1. I already accidentally logged on today since I’m so used to signing on when I get home… They make it too easy to reactivate your account.


    2. That’s great, I finally deleted it completely about 4 months ago. Sometimes I feel the need to go back on, but really it’s mostly time consuming nonsense.


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