First post in a few months.

I haven’t posted in a long time since I got a new job.  It wasn’t the most lucrative position but it’s pretty entertaining.  Let’s just call it “selling luxury goods.”  Things people won’t ever need to survive such as a $40,000.00 pair of earrings.  Now this is quite an interesting business.  I’ve noticed my personal tastes have skyrocketed.  Before I started working here, I thought Rolex made the best watches, and that Express sold expensive clothes.  I have no complaints about this job so far, and you meet some very interesting people.

I can’t say where I work because I’m not sure if I’m allowed to, but I wanted to start blogging about the various things I sell, or the business itself.  The first thought that baffles my mind is the shopping habits of women (or even men) when it comes to jewelry.  Yes the goods I’ve sold are very expensive there is no doubt about that, however EVERYTHING in the store is very expensive, and needs to be in order to stay exclusive.

However back to the shopping habits discussion.  Women will come through the store, buy 2-3 handbags and some shoes for $2,000-$5,000 each without really thinking much about it.  Sure 1 or 2 of those things might be returned after realizing it doesn’t suit the person as well as she thought.  Yet these bags lose value quite quickly considering the lifespan of certain fashion trends.

This isn’t what I’m intrigued by though in terms of psychology.  What I’m intrigued by is the fact that women will spend all this money on handbags/purses, yet when it comes to jewelry, they cringe at the idea that they might have to spend over $300.00 for a nice pair of earrings.  Let’s take jewelers and rip-offs of jewelry designers out of this equation, because quite frankly every single luxury in this world can pretty much be copied.  Back to the point: the woman will spend between 2000-5000 per bag (sometimes buying multiple) yet cringe when she realizes she has to spend around that same price to get a beautiful pair of F-H color diamonds in 18k white gold.  Instead she would rather buy a set of cubic zirconias in some sort of cheaper base metal setting to go with her new Celine bag for the big party that night.

I’ve come to a few conclusions but it still confuses me.  One thing I thought was that: bags are big and noticeable and show the name on it so people will know.  Well so is a very nice watch (some often have noticeable designs like the Hermes H -watch for 2100.00) yet women fear buying a lovely artistic timepiece over a nice bag.  Sure you won’t see a name on a pair of hoop earrings, but you can often tell if someone is wearing something real or just a bunch of crystals placed into a metal.  Not only that but many designers have very recognizable features on jewelry where they won’t even need a name and are known simply because of design.

DISCLAIMER:  The content of this blog do not represent the thoughts or ideas of my employer.  These are the authors own opinions and thoughts.  They are not to offend or harm anyone, and comments left are the responsibility of the writers.

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